Our Grab Bars Deliver 90 Degrees of Safety

Do you have safety grab bars at home? Our own group of strong, all-brass grab bars now include 90-degree bars that add another layer of safety.

Ninety degree brass grab bar


Original Allied Brass Cube Design. Finish: Fire Engine Red

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90 Degrees of Added Safety


We design all our products with safety in mind, from weighted bases that keep countertop accessories from tipping over to scent stick holders that mount to walls.

Our latest efforts expand our grab bars into 90 degrees of safety. These new 90-degree brass grab bars come in three sizes: 

  • 12" x 18"
  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 30"
All our grab bars are ADA-compliant and like all our products, warrantied against fading, peeling, or rusting under normal use. 

    90-Degree Grab Bars With Pipeline Style or Cube Design 

    Our Pipeline Collection has been our most popular since its introduction about five years ago. It's no wonder: Pipeline is constructed from actual brass pipe fittings and has a unique, Steampunk appeal that doesn't seem to be slowing down.

    It's also one of our fastest-growing collections, with more than 60 unique products that come in 19 finishes. This one comes in a Brushed Bronze finish that really captures the Pipeline élan: 

    ninety degree brass Pipeline grab bar
    That said, we appreciate irony and offer a Pink finish for all our Pipeline products as well:
    Pipeline collection ninety degree grab bar


    We created the Cube design specifically for our grab bars. Choose from 28 standard finishes including metallic finishes like this bright Polished Brass example:

    Notice the reeded surface on this grap bar. You can request a reeded or smooth grip for any our grab bars, existing and new ones.

    We also have right-hand versions of each 90-degree grab bar shown here.

    See More Cube-Style Grab Bars!

    We thought Cube design is so, well, cute, that we added it to our collection of standard (180-degree) grab bars. 

    You can order Cube grab bars - with smooth or reeded surfaces - in the same four sizes of our other safety bars - 18", 24", 30", and 36".

    We have more safety grab bar options as well - stay tuned to read more about them!

    Questions? Contact us today!

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