Allied Brass grab bar, Dottingham collection

How safe is your bathroom?

Almost everyone knows to add non-slip adhesives or nonslip mats inside tubs and shower stalls. Many add thick, absorbent mats outside. They feel good and add additional safety.

We strongly believe grab bars should be in all bathrooms. They are proven to prevent serious injuries. And now, you can get decorative grab bars strong enough to save lives!

The Dottingham grab bar shown above is strong and we think quite stylish. It's shown here in a brushed bronze finish, one of 17 available for all our brass accessories.

We also have grab bars made from actual pipe, like this one below from our Pipeline collection, shown in a satin nickel finish. Our pipe-made accessories are available in seven finishes.

You can also get a pipe-constructed grab bar in a camouflage finish from our Camo collection, a great fit for weekend cabins or camps.

All our grab bars come in four sizes: 16", 24", 32", and 36" and are ADA-compliant to support up to 250 pounds.

Every Tub and Shower Should Have a Grab Bar or Two

Even young and healthy people slip and fall in bathrooms. That's because the environment is prime for this:
  • It's slippery once a person steps off the nonslip mat
  • It gets steamy, making it hard to see clearly (and let's not forget people don't shower or bathe with glasses on!)
  • Falls often end up against hard surfaces like sinks, toilets, or tile floor

Bathroom are often slippery places. Photo: adpeoplein0/Pixabay

It isn't just the elderly who fall. Illness, medication, and even fatigue make people more prone to falling when getting in and out of a tub or shower.

Grab Bars are Easy to Install

You don't have to remodel a bathroom to install a grab bar. They can be added at any time but must be anchored to a wall with a stud behind it.

Stud finders are inexpensive (as low as $10!) and are good to have in any home tool kit. This article explains other ways to locate wall studs.  That said, you should include grab bars in any bathroom remodel.

Plumbers and decorators are well aware that the US population is aging. Many take the lead in reviewing and recommending safety features to their customers, particularly for bathrooms.

Towel Bars Are Not Grab Bars, But We Can Match Them!

Towel bars are not strong enough to hold up even a child's body weight. They're meant to hold towels.  But - you can match them! Four of our grab bars are part of our most popular collections that include lots of towel bars as well: Or choose a stand-alone traditional or modern designer grab bar.

This grab bar above has a traditional design with a reeded grip. The finish is polished chrome.

Below is a modern grab bar with a modern design and antique brass finish. It also features a reeded grip.

 Visit our site today to view all our grab bars in different finishes and in close-up. 
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