The Exciting Good Looks of Mambo and Foxtrot Brass

For many people, hearing "Mambo" brings back memories of Patrick Swayze (sigh) and Jennifer Grey's dirty dancing that spun Baby out Mambo-style.

And Foxtrot? Well who doesn't love dancing to a big band? 

We gave two of our favorite accessory lines these names because they're fun, elegant, and so cool to look at.

Elegant Brass Bathroom Accessories

Both the Mambo and Foxtrot collections focus on bathroom accessories

Our Mambo collection beautifully blends function with cool elegance. Look at the swan neck on the Mambo soap dish above! Its antique brass finish lends a tone of elegance and cool, as well as functionality. No soap bar's gonna slide outta that dish!

Our Foxtrot collection shares Mambo's swanlike neck for its own soap dish and toothbrush/tumbler holder.  But we're really crazy about its singular robe hook, seen here with an antique pewter finish:

Look at those grooves! You just know Rogers and Astaire would have loved to hang their dressing room robes on this baby. 

These grooves are on the soap dish and toothbrush/tumbler holder, too.

Put This Glass Shelf In a Corner

We wouldn't dare put Baby in a corner. But we do think this Mambo corner glass and brass shelf with a brushed bronze finish also demands attention:

Put that in a corner to use space that's often overlooked. It also comes as a double glass shelf

Mambo's cute round bulbs have a little dotted finish around the circumference. Click on the image above to see them in detail and compare looks in 17 different finishes.

Groovin' With Foxtrot Brass Accessories

Otherwise, Foxtrot is as smooth as, say, the Champions (Marge and Gower; Marge was the model for the Snow White dance animation!). Here's a European style toilet roll holder from the Foxtrot collection with a satin brass finish:

Or if you prefer a double roll holder, here's a Foxtrot upright TP holder that holds two rolls:

This one has an antique copper finish that's just dark enough to not disappear into a corner, like, well, you know.

Glass and Brass Shelves

Both these collections offer several elegant glass and brass shelves, including corner shelves. Here's a single glass shelf from Foxtrot, with brass hardware finished in a bright polished chrome:
Both collections include double and triple glass shelves as well. All are made with strong tempered safety glass that's about five times stronger than untreated glass.

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