How To Freshen Up a Shabby Bathroom

An ugly bathroom contributes negatively to the overall look of a home. Renovating your outdated washroom will make you less apprehensive about guests coming over. Here is how to freshen up a shabby bathroom.

Fresh Paint

The best way to give any room a makeover is to throw a fresh coat of paint onto the wall. Your bathroom is no exception to this rule. You can paint over wall tiles just like regular walls to help hide any regrettable design trends you attempted in the past.

Improved Lighting

Another universal tip for decorating is to improve the lighting of the room. Shadows can make rooms appear smaller and less inviting. The bathroom can become shrouded due to all of the appliances around the room, so adding light fixtures or under-cabinetry lighting can add much-needed brightness.


The fixtures in the bathroom are also important for defining the character of the room. Make use of brass accessories like towel racks, knobs, and pulls to add additional lighting and a touch of class.


You shouldn’t forget the extras when trying to freshen up a shabby bathroom. You can put fresh soaps and shampoos into decorative containers. The same goes for tissue box holders. Everything you use to accessorize should match the rest of the room.

Fluffy Towels

The towels in your bathroom will be one of the most used items, so comfort is a significant factor. Themed, seasonal, or monogrammed hand towels are great pieces for any bathroom. Plus, you can bask in the extra warmth provided by the fluffy towels.

Wall Decorations

You should implement wall decorations, including mirrors and artwork, with functionality in mind. An overcrowded bathroom is almost as bad as an undecorated one, so moderation is key. You can store plants and potpourri on shelves around the room to add additional odor control and visual stimulation.