Oval brass wire shower basket 11"x2.2"x3.6"

Do you save gift baskets to use around the house? We do, too. But when we wanted to put a basket in the shower we realize that moisture is a basket killer.

So we created a line of baskets that stand up to moisture and won't rust or peel. 

No Basket Cases for Your Bathroom!

We know we aren't the first to create shower baskets. We'd seen and tried metal and wire baskets. While they didn't wilt like the pretty wicker ones, they did peel and were a real pain to clean. Plastic ones weren't sturdy enough for all the shampoo and conditioner bottles, at least not when they were full.

So we created brass baskets are made with heavy gauge brass wires with a ventilated design to drain water and moisture.

Even the hidden hardware to secure them to a wall is also made with solid brass and matches the finish or customized color you select.

Our Brass Baskets Fit Just About Anywhere

Our baskets come in different sizes to fit the space you have. The oval one featured above measures 11"x2.2"x3.6" (LXHXW). IT's shown here with an antique copper finish.

This one, shown in a matte gray finish, measures just under 19" long and features a center well.

Is your shower stall a little tight on space? No problem - we make baskets to fit in corners, in single and double tiers:

Finish - Satin Nickel

Finish - Polished Brass

You'll notice these baskets show rounded and straight corners. Both are available in double and single tiers.

How About A Soap Basket?

We have a beautiful line of wall-mounted soap dishes that can certainly be installed in a shower, but many people want their shower soap to drain. We created soap baskets for this purpose.

This oval basket shown in matte white measures 6"x1.5"x3.6" - small enough to fit pretty much anywhere.

Below is a rectangular soap basket that's 9.8"x3.1"x6.2", large enough to hold a jumbo-size bar of soap. It has an antique brass finish.

Brass is Best for Bathrooms!

Brass is an excellent choice for baskets used in showers:

  • Brass is made for alloys that keep it from corroding.
  • Brass is resistant to bacteria, which grow in moist conditions like showers and bathtubs. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities use brass bathroom fixtures for this reason.
  • Brass is best cleaned with warm water, already in the bath or shower! Just wipe your brass basket dry.

Our brass shower baskets come in 17 standard designer finishes. Or you can choose a customized, power-coated color for an equally tough but attractive coating. Contact us for special orders or to get answers for your questions about brass accessories.

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