Why Solid Bathroom Design Matters in the Workplace

Planning out the design of an office space bathroom is not something that many people have ever done in their life. The layouts and amenities of bathrooms in airports, hotels, and restaurants often feature elegant and classy elements. However, the bathrooms in the office building where we spend a large portion of time are often lacking. There are a few tips that will make designing an office restroom much easier. Here are some of the reasons why solid bathroom design matters in the workplace.


For many people, the biggest concern when using any public restroom is how much privacy they will have. Extra precautions like additional locks and stall doors that extend close to the floor are great ways to make people feel secure when using the commode. You can also consider including speakers that play music to create a more relaxed atmosphere.


Looks are everything in this world, and bathroom design is no different. You should make sure that your office privy gets cleaned regularly to provide a welcoming environment for employees and guests. You should also use paints that feature easy stain removal to prevent graffiti or other marks of vandalism that deface the surfaces around the room.


The last reason why solid bathroom design matters in the workplace is because good design can offer support to the bathroom’s users. This includes larger stalls for those with disabilities, changing tables for parents with children, and signs to help identify where things go. You can also provide support by putting braille on your signage to help those with visual impairments manage the room while maintaining their dignity.

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