Ways To Incorporate Glass in Your Home

For many homeowners, the use of glass in the home is limited to the windows and possibly the doors. There’s nothing wrong with having other design preferences, but this material is often an afterthought to the novice home decorator. However, it has many uses that go beyond keeping the elements at bay. Here are some unique ways to incorporate glass in your home.

Furniture Options

An easy way to incorporate the class and elegance of glass is to use glass furniture throughout your home. One way of doing this is with a glass-top table. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, glass tables are reinforced to handle the roughest of conditions. A glass coffee table or side table can also make an intriguing design piece. Shelving made of glass offers a bold choice that won’t distract from anything you place on it.


Aside from windows and doors, you can incorporate glass to act as a barrier in your home in many ways. Homeowners looking to ditch the open floor plan without sacrificing light and openness can install glass partitions between the rooms. Glass can also act as a barricade to prevent falls or slips. For example, standing showers often come with opaque glass doors that obstruct the view and offer an additional level of privacy.


One of the ways to incorporate glass in your home is to use it as a decoration or accent piece. One common method that will add elegance to any room is adding a glass chandelier. With enough color variations to match any style, stained glass makes excellent wall art. In the bathroom, garment rods, mirrors, and medicine cabinets made of glass can accentuate and complement the style of the rest of the room. Reusing glass canning jars or soda bottles as flower vases will keep waste out of landfills. Finally, you can use glass bottles with toppers to hold sand, beads, stones, or any other decorative objects.