Multi-Arm Swinging Towel Bar Constructed From Pipe

If you admire Steampunk or industrial décor, you've got to check out the Pipeline Collection. The hardware in this collection is made from actual pipe parts: tees, elbows, wall flanges, and caps. 

Pipeline is among our top-selling collections, and has grown steadily since we first introduced it. The latest Pipeline product, a three-swing-arm towel bar, might just be the epitome for this collection - it's full of elbows, caps, and tees!

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3 swivel arm, wall-mounted brass towel bar


Finish: Brushed Bronze

This wall-mounted masterpiece is made of 11 separate parts to present a most unique way to hang towels. 

Independent Swing Arms

We offer several swing-arm towel holders sized to hold bath towels and smaller ones like hand towels and tea towels in kitchens. Some are wall-mounted (like this new one) while others are vanity top models or freestanding towel valets that rise up from a floor base.

This latest product is the only one sized for hand towels that comes with three arms. While we have three-arm vanity top towel holders,  the difference here is these are normally used in bathrooms, guest baths, and powder rooms.

But that's just a style. We have no objection if you want to mount this baby in the kitchen to hold tea towels.

Choose From 19 Standard Finishes

With 19 standard finishes, you won't have trouble finding one that complements the surroundings.

Personally, we think Autumn Sparkle is a great shade for any kitchen.

wall-mounted 3 swing arm towel bar

Or make a statement with one finished in lavender! 

Lavender steampunk style 3-arm swing towel bar


Go ahead and be bold. After, all, Digital lavender is the color of the year!  

Decorative Hardware Priced to Fit Any Budget

Decorative hardware like ours is built with brass and pipe fittings to last a lifetime under normal use - and that includes damp, steamy environments like kitchens and bathrooms.

This also means our products cost more than other hardware you come across, like aluminum and plastic. Those will last a year, maybe two. Ours are warrantied to last for as long as you live in your home and use them for their purpose.


We've partnered with Affirm to offer four monthly no-interest payments for every item in our catalog. Longer payment periods are also available at with interest payments.

Finally, you're fully covered for 30 days to try out the hardware. If it turns out not to be your thing, return it for a refund. Those that come back in perfect condition are added to our Clearance Deals.

🇱🇷 Our hardware is designed and assembled in Virginia, USA 🇱🇷


Pipeline collection