Freestanding TP holder next to commode in modern bathroom

Not too long ago, we were browsing through our freestanding toilet paper holders and realized they represent many of our most modern designs.

Part of this is because most of our stands have Euro-style, no-roller arms that curve around to hold TP rolls in place. Here's an example from our Pipeline Collection, shown in a bright Autumn Sparkle finish:

Brass toilet paper stand with orange finish

Click on any image to reach the product page, where you can read specs and preview different finishes.

The modern design works well even in our collections that otherwise have a more traditional style. Here's an example from the Carolina Collection in an Antique Pewter finish that highlights classic touches like the finial rings. 

Brass freestanding TP holder finished in antique pewter


Why Get a Toilet Paper Stand?

At first blush, a toilet paper stand may sound like overkill. Most people know where to find the TP.

But what if space is tight and there's no obvious place for a TP holder? What if the only available wall space lacks a stud for safe installation? Or what if a landlord or co-owner doesn't want holes in the wall?

Toilet paper stands are the answer.

  • Ours feature slim, elegant necks that rise over tight spaces between a commode and shower or basin.
  • Weighted bases keep them stable so won't worry that they'll tip over.
  • All our freestanding TP holders are easy to adjust to a desirable height, up to 26".  

As The Spruce points out, floor standing TP holders are portable and can be moved around, whether to another bathroom or powder room or to a new home. 

Yes, We Have TP Stands with Two-Post Rollers 

We know TP is a sensitive topic (bad pun intended). An amazing amount of ink and pixels have been used to debate what direction the paper should roll. There are actual reviews of toilet paper.

So we can understand if a freestanding TP holder is questioned for "looking different."

Reassure any doubters that we offer the roller version in a few models. This one sports a reassuring, no-nonsense Satin Chrome finish:

Freestanding TP holder with traditional roller

 The roller can be bent to any angle or left standing straight up. 

TP Stands With Two Rolls!

Worried about being stuck with a low or empty roll? We have the answer - toilet tissue stands with two rolls. Here's one with a chunky disc-style base:

Finish: Antique Brass

This particular model offers designs on the attaching rings. The one above is smooth; other ring options are dotted, grooved, and twisted. Click on the image to preview different finishes and ring styles.

Right now, we have 19 stylish toilet tissue stands to look over. We're also offering customers the opportunity to pay for their purchases in four, interest-free payments or other payment options. Don't forget - we also ship free of charge throughout the U.S.


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