Pipeline Collection Toilet Tissue Holder with Glass Shelf

It's been a while since we talked about our pipe-constructed Pipeline and Camo collections.

These are our toughest-looking collections, designed to complement understated modern or industrial decor. But they aren't immune to luxury, as you can see in the photo above - a Pipeline toilet paper holder with a glass shelf over it to hold a purse, phone, wallet - whatever can fall where it shouldn't!

We were inspired to use pipe after visiting friends who lived in older, prewar apartments in Lower Manhattan near our own geographic roots. These places had exposed pipe long before they became popular decor!

The pipes are a-callin' so let's get reacquainted.

Pipe-Made Accessories for Bathrooms

Some people just want the absolute basics in a bathroom. Others like an older tone even if they've updated. Pipeline is a great option for their decor!

Take, for example, towel bars. You really can't skip those in a bathroom. This Pipeline double towel bar with a brushed bronze finish is as plainspoken as a character from a Bruce Springsteen song and people from New Jersey will insist, Bruce himself.

Double towel bar made from pipe
Pipeline's single towel bar makes an even stronger statement.
Pipeline towel bar from Allied Brass
This one is in our new Antique Bronze finish, one of eight finishes in this collection. Click on either picture above and you'll be able to zoom in on details and preview different finishes.
All Allied Brass towel bars come in four sizes: 18", 24", 30", and 36".
Bathrooms also need toilet paper holders. No toilet paper roll is gonna escape from these holders:
Pipeline traditional toilet paper holder
Even the detachable roller in this traditional two-post TP holder is tough - no springs flying across the bathroom here! The finish is satin nickel.
It's always a good idea to have an extra roll handy, and this dual roll holder with a fits the ticket. We're showing the Camo version:
Double roll pipe toilet paper holder
We earnestly hope that even the most Spartan bathrooms include a soap dish (wall mounted or vanity top) and toothbrush/tumbler holder like this one below in a matte gray finish:
Toothbrush and tumbler holder made from pipe
We also have a wall-mounted version.

Pipe-Made Accessories for Kitchens

Mug holders are probably our most popular kitchen accessory after paper towel holders.  Here's a four-mug holder from Camo designed to mount under a cabinet:

Pipe made under the counter mug holder

Almost all our mug holders come from the Camo and Pipeline collections. We offer them as wall-mounted and counter top sets, too, to hold and organize four or six mugs

What about paper towel holders? Both Pipeline and Camo have wall-mounted and under-the cabinet styles paper towel holders.  Here's an example of an under-the-counter design from Camo - a great space saver!

Camo colored pipe paper towel holder Allied Brass

Pipe-Made Shelving

Don't forget shelves. Allied Brass is famous for glass and wood shelves and we made sure to make these available in pipe as well as brass.

Camo and Pipeline both feature single, double, and triple wood shelves in 16" and 22" lengths. Want dual functionality? Attach a towel bar underneath the shelf like this one from Pipeline:

Double wood shelf with towel bar pipe construction

What do  you think of this dramatic matte white finish? We can see it in the mountain cabins along the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Although they sound delicate, our glass shelves are pretty tough. We use thick 3/8" beveled safety glass that won't shatter into millions of shards. And while it sounds unlikely, glass Camo shelves look pretty cool in a bathroom:

Glass and pipe shelf camp color

Do you like this? See it with a towel bar underneath!

All our shelves come in 16" and 22" lengths. Contact us if you have questions or want to add features like a gallery rail as well as towel bar. We can also customize colors for a small, one-time fee. 

There are a lot more accessories in these two large collections, including robe hooks, multi hooks, wall-mounted mirrors, cabinet hardware like knobs and pulls, safety grab bars, and more. Be sure to browse around!

Shipping is free throughout the US, and now, to Canada as well when you order from Allied Brass Canada!

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