Carolina Crystal votive candleholder from Allied Brass

Don't you love when you enter a room that smells so pleasant?

We always admired people who remember to buy scented votive candles or knew the right kinds of incense to buy. We encourage this crowd to spread their good scents with our super-safe wall-mounted brass incense stick holders and votive candleholders.

The Scent of a Home

You can tell a lot about a room when you enter it, starting with whether you want to stay.

We've all been there - you come in from outside to an odor that knocks your socks off. You fake a cough so that you can cover your nose, and try to think of a reason to get out of there.

Don't let your room be that place! Get yourself a pretty votive candleholder and pick up a tray or two of pleasant-smelling votive candles.  

Allied Brass crystal detailed votive candleholder 

This beautiful candleholder is from our Carolina Crystal collection and features the collection's signature crystal glass detail. It's perfect for an elegant powder room our boudoir.




 Incense has a stronger scent and most people burn them in larger rooms, especially kitchens. While we would never dream of covering up the smell of coffee or fresh-baked cookies, we recommend incense as a way to clear the air after a meal of baked fish, for example. 

Wall mounted incense stick holder from Allied Brass
This incense stick holder is from our Waverly Place collection, which features a concentric ring design on its mounting plates. It's finished in a bright brushed bronze.   

Beautifully-Crafted Wall-Mounted Accessories Safely Burn Votives and Incense

Why are our candle and incense accessories made to be mounted on a wall? Because anything with a flame or ash can get knocked over. At best, you're left with an ashy mess. At worst, a fire.

These carefully designed and crafted accessories keep incense sticks and those cute tiny candles safe behind thick glass containers for extra protection. No ashes, no sparks. And they're so pretty to look at! 

This lovely incense stick holder is from our Que New collection and has an eye-catching polished chrome finish, one of 17 to choose from.


Allied Brass wall mounted incense stick holder







Allied Brass wall-mounted votive candleholder




Here is a chic votive candleholder from our Montero collection, a line with a contemporary flare. This one has an antique brass finish.

 All our accessories come with mounting hardware made from steel for maximum strength and mounting instructions. Glass containers are included with candleholders and incense stick holders.

The Romance of Votive Candleholders

There's something so romantic about candles. They make even messy rooms feel cozy. They provide a gentle nightlight. And of course, they evoke earlier eras when candles were the only way to light the way after dark.

Votive candles are the best. Their small size means they'll probably burn out as you fall asleep. (Even better when they're encased in glass and mounted on a wall.) It costs very little to buy a bunch of them. And they come in dozens of scents.

The Number One reason people buy candles, according to a survey from the National Candle Association, is that they have a pleasant scent. Even if they're thinking ahead for summer power outages, scent still rules the purchasing decision.

Our candleholders make great gifts because Americans love candles. The National Candle Association says more than one billion pounds of wax are used to make candles for the US market each year. 

If the candle section at Kroger's is anything to measure, a lot of that wax goes into votive-style candles.

The NCA also says there's something like 10,000 scents available to the US candle market. 

Incense Grabs the Attention of the Smell Sense

We discussed the appeal incense holds for people in an earlier post.

It's a real attention-grabber, which is probably why it's been used in religious ceremonies and burned at alters commemorating the deceased for millennia. People who teach mediation and yoga also know incense helps people focus.

And it's very effective in cancelling out musty, unpleasant, and odors that are too strong!

Incense is a lot more concentrated than scented candles. Lighting a stick or block lights up the olfactory bulb that sits just above the sinuses and extends nerves into the nasal cavity. The olfactory bulb is also part of the limbic system that processes emotions among other sensations. 

Like candles, there are a lot of incense scents to consider. Be aware that most incense isn't 100% natural; at best, you'll get a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients. Luckily, incense sticks often come in packets that feature different scents, so you can try a few to decide which one works best for you.

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