How To Mix Metal Finishes When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Everybody spends at least part of their day in the bathroom, usually focused on everything except the task at hand. That is part of the reason why there is such an emphasis on renovating this room. During the redesign process, many DIYers make the incorrect assumption that you have to use the same metal for every fixture in the room, and this simply isn’t true. Here are our tips for how to mix metal finishes when remodeling your bathroom.

Pick a Base

The first thing to do when deciding on metals is to choose the one to use as the base for everything else. This metal accounts for roughly two-thirds of the bathroom fixtures, so select something easy to maintain. Some of the popular choices include stainless steel, gold, brass, and chrome.

Choose Complementing Accents

When selecting accent metals, the most important thing to remember is for these fixtures to complement each other without competing for attention. Keep metals to a maximum of three to help the room look visually interesting without appearing overtaken by clutter. Think about what metals will look good together and what combinations will clash when making your selections.

Repeat Each Metal

Try to repeat each metal multiple times, including a focus on the base accent selection. Possible places to integrate the metals include the showerhead, towel racks, sink faucets, garment rods, and drawer handles and knobs. Remember to keep your accent metals ratio similar but still focus on making the base metal look good.

Compare Metal Finishes

One of the biggest challenges when learning how to mix metal finishes when remodeling your bathroom is comparing metal pieces from different retailers. There are often small but noticeable differences between finishes of the same metal, such as the texture or the color being slightly off. Try to stick to the same manufacturer when buying pieces to ensure a consistent look throughout your bathroom.

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