Allied Brass two-ring guest towel stand

Towel rings are popular accessories for powder rooms. We've offered the traditional, wall-mounted towel rings for several years and keep adding to them.

We designed several vanity top towel stands for powder rooms, including a ring valet. Then we thought, why not offer double ring towel stands? So we went ahead and created a few to try out.

Sometimes Two Rings Are Better Than One

The two-ring vanity towel stand one above is from our Clearview collection and features two rings extending out from a clear acrylic vertical. The rings and base, of course, are copper. 

Many customers who order this particular model put in their kitchen, where they've brought a bit more order to tea towels splayed over the counters or draped off a sink. 

We get it. Kitchens can easily become a three-ring circus. These towel stands herd them into a more manageable two-ring circus. Take a look at more of our two-ring styles.

Do You Need 3 Rings? We Got It!

Some people love a busy kitchen. The kids do their homework there, cooks watch Ming, Martha, or the ballgame. We get it.

Our three-ring vanity towel stand is a perfect way to keep tea towels and hand towels separate.

3-ring towel stand Allied Brass

 Notice the twist details? We have rings for some of our rings, offered in styles.

4 ring styles on select Allied Brass accessories


We also know it's important to separate tea towels from hand towels. Busier kitchens usually mean people go to the kitchen sink to wash their hands. And that's fine - just make sure hands are dried on a separate towel. 

"Humid towels and multipurpose usage of kitchen towels should be discouraged," says a British microbiologist who spoke about misusing tea towels. There's a real danger for food poisoning. 

Skeptical? If any nation is funding tea towel research, it would be Britain. 

 A Variety of Towel Rings

In addition to a rich collection of wall-mounted towel rings, we offer brass floor towel stands with towel rings to hold towels, clothes, or whatever needs to drape or dry out.

These stands have three and four-ring styles, including this one shown with a shiny polished chrome finish. It reminds us of a chess piece - a bishop or perhaps even a king!

Brass 4-ring towel stand Allied Brass


This freestanding towel stand, like all our floor stands, have a weighted base to prevent them from tipping over. The stands reach just over four feet high. Rings are about 9" diameter, large enough to hold a bath-size towel.

All our brass products are offered in 17 standard finishes, including matte white, black, and gray. We can also match a specific color scheme for a small, one-time fee. Contact us today with your questions and comments about our decorative hardware products.


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