Allied Brass Squeegee

We are about to make a confession: we at Allied Brass are dedicated Squeegee People.

That said, you will never see us squeegeeing anywhere in public. But we will squeegee our shower doors, tiles, and mirrors without apology after every shower. We only squeegee in the privacy of our homes or as a good overnight guest after using the shower.

Don't Settle for Any Squeegee - A Brass One is the Best One!

There are three reasons why we chose to use brass for our accessories.

  1. It's absolutely the best metal to use in damp, steamy settings like bathrooms. Because it isn't made from iron - brass is an alloy of copper and zinc - it won't rust like other metals.
  2. Brass is strong. Unlike plastics, it won't bend or break with constant use. In fact, all our products come with a limited lifetime warranty.
  3. Brass resists germs. The copper element in it can actually weaken or even kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa - the four main types of germs. 

Here's a useful comparison: according to Insider, copper deactivates COID-19 within four hours. However, COVID-19 will linger on plastics for 72 hours. 

We craft our brass accessories with care to deliver beautiful pieces like these squeegees for ultimate bathroom luxury:

Finish: Brushed Bronze

 Finish: Polished Brass

Click on either image to go to the product page and preview all 17 finishes we offer. We use powder-covered finishes that won't peel, fade, or rust. 

Custom Coloring Available

Do you have a specific color scheme in mind?
custom colors - about 6,700!


Our partner Prismatic Powders customizes virtually any color for our accessories for a low, one-time fee. Contact us about custom-color Allied Brass accessories - we'll handle all the details.

Luxury Brass Squeegees Designed for Easy Blade Replacement

We designed our squeegees to easily replace the blades. To make it easier for you, we now offer 12" replacement blades for $12. Get your today!

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