Top 4 Trending Finishes of Bathroom Hardware
For over 55 years, Allied Brass has been creating and producing attractive, long-lasting, and dependable bathroom hardware. We offer over 30 designer collections of bathroom hardware, so you're sure to find the perfect style for your space. There are many different finishes available for bathroom hardware. Here are four bathroom hardware trends 2022 is highlighting as considerations for your next project:

Brass hardware in a bathroom


 Brass is a classic finish that can be found in many different styles of bathroom hardware. Antique brass is a popular choice for those who want a more traditional look. Unlacquered brass has a patina that will develop over time, giving it a unique look. Polished brass and satin brass are both shiny finishes that are popular in modern bathrooms.

Brass hardware in a bathroom


Bronze is another classic finish that works well in any bathroom. Brushed bronze, antique bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, and Venetian bronze are all popular choices for bathroom hardware. Brushed bronze has a slightly textured finish that adds interest. Antique bronze is perfect for a vintage-inspired bathroom. Oil-rubbed bronze has a rich, dark finish that creates a luxurious look. Venetian bronze is a beautiful option that can add a touch of glamor to your space.  

a chrome towel holder



Chrome is a modern finish that can add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. Polished chrome is a popular choice for those who want a shiny finish. Satin chrome has a more muted finish that is popular in contemporary bathrooms.

a nickel toilet roll holder


Nickel is available in polished and satin finishes. Polished nickel is a shiny finish that is popular in traditional bathrooms. Satin nickel has a softer sheen for those who are building a modern bathroom. Nickel is a durable finish that will last for many years.

No matter what finish you choose, Allied Brass has the perfect option for your bathroom hardware needs! Check out our shop to see our wide selection of finishes and styles. Contact us today for more information and bathroom hardware ideas.