We Keep Adding New Colors for Designer Hardware

Last year, we added several new standard colors to our substantial list for designer brass hardware. We've been quietly adding more in recent months.

Golden Yellow - A Fresh Blend of Color

We love Golden Yellow because it brings a fresh look on yellows and oranges. It reminds us of colors we see in Florida groves and the mountains in Arizona's high country. (We also use a variation of it on this blog.)

Golden Yellow is an excellent accent color for brighter colors that dominate a room. Here's an example of a Euro-style toilet paper holder finished in this color. It's from our Malibu Collection, one of four collections that include essential bathroom hardware at a lower price point.

Golden Yellow European style TP holderFreshen up kitchen cabinetry with Golden Yellow cabinet knobs, like this one from our Carolina Collection. 
Brass cabinet knob Golden Yellow finish
How about adding a fun splash of color for a shower curtain rod? The color works well as a shower curtain rod bracket:
Brass shower curtain rod bracket golden yellow finish



Brass shower curtain rod bracket concentric circles

The Elegance of Antique Pewter Finishes

Our Antique Pewter finish was a little overshadowed by all the new colorful finishes. It's the latest addition to our metallic colors and delivers a soft, elegant touch. We love the way it looks on this three-tiered hotel style towel shelf.

Brass towel shelf drying rack


Antique Pewter complements modern and traditional decor, like this robe hook from our Sag Harbor Collection  

Brass robe hook antique pewter finish

Age Your Brass into the Patina You Want!

Naturally aged brass mortar and pestle 

Do you like the look of aged brass? We get it. We offer an unfinished option that lets you age your brass to a patina you like.

Brass ages into different patina colors influenced by the amount of oxidization in the air around it from moisture and heat, as well as the composition of the brass itself. Our friends at Rotax Metals offer this more detailed explanation about the patina process.

We source brass from around the world, so we really can't predict how our unfinished products will naturally age. However, there are ways to speed up the brass aging process, as we discussed a few months ago.


Brass finishes