Glass-mounted brass hooks for shower doors

We just introduced three new shower door accessories:

  1. Shower Door Knobs
  2. Shower Door Hooks (shown above)
  3. Shower Door Pull with Knob

The first two are offered for one side or back-to-back, while the shower door pull with knob has the pull on one side and the knob on the other. We're introducing them in our Fresno Collection.

New! Combined Shower Door Knobs and Door Pulls

We'll start with a new innovation in shower door hardware - combined shower door pulls with knobs. 

Finish: Fire Engine Red

These new shower door hardware accessories can be mounted on either side of a glass shower door. You decide if you want knobs inside or outside the shower door, to hang wet facecloths, loofahs, etc., or outside to hang towels, robes, or whatever you reach for after stepping out of a shower.

Like all our products, these combined shower door knobs and pulls are made from brass and extremely resistant to moisture. They won't rust and the finishes won't fade or peel with normal use. 

We have them available in four sizes: 6", 8", 12", and 18" and in more than 25 standard finishes.

New! Knobs to Open Shower Doors

We've offered brass shower door pulls for some time. It was time for something new - so why not shower door knobs?

This knob, shown in a glossy satin chrome finish, attaches to one side of a shower door. 

Brass shower door knob
Click on this and any image to visit the product page where you can preview more finishes and zoom in on details.


Do you want knobs to open a shower door from inside and outside? We've got that covered, too.

Back to back brass shower door knobs Allied BrassFinish: Brushed Bronze
Each knob is 2" in diameter. 

Shower Door Hooks

Perhaps you just want hooks on your shower doors. Guess what? We've done that, too!

Our brass hooks can be mounted on either side of a shower door to hold wet items inside, or outside to hold a dry towel you want to grab right away. Their posts extend out about an inch more than the knobs shown above.

Brass shower door hook in Mediterranean Blue

Finish: Mediterranean Blue

...and of course we offer a back-to-back option, too that lets you install a hook on both sides of a glass shower door.

Finish: Polished Brass

We Offer a Generous Range of Hardware Finishes 

Our customers have a lot to decide when it comes to selecting a finish for hardware they order from us. That's because we offer 28 standard finishes, including:

  • 13 metallic finishes
  • 3 matte finishes
  • 11 color finishes
  • An unlacquered option

You just won't find many hardware manufacturers who offer a generous range of standard finishes like ours.

Contact us if you have a very specific color in mind. We work with a vendor who can match virtually any color in the spectrum. There is a small, one-time fee for color customization; going forward, you can use that color again and again with no additional charge.

Remember, all our hardware ship free of charge throughout the U.S. and come with installation instructions and mounting hardware.


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