Get Soapy! Soap Up With Brass Soap Dishes & Dispensers.

"Soap up!" or as we like to say, "Get Soapy!" should be engraved in everyone's consciousness. This remains the Number One way to kill germs and viruses that spread by hand.

Getting soapy is also one of the few things we all agree on! A recent survey found that 93% of American adults say handwashing is "essential" for good health - and this cuts across age, gender, and geography.

 Mother bathing a child


So we ask, what's holding your soap? 

Get a Sturdy, Germ-Resistant Brass Soap Dish or Soap Dispenser.

Soap dishes and dispensers are among our core bathroom accessories. Soap dishes  are a Top 15 sales category for us.

Here's our top-selling soap dish - the wall-mounted brass soap dish from our Montero Collection.


Bathroom featuring a brass Montero soap dish from Allied Brass


Finish: Satin Nickel

The Montero Collection features a contemporary blocky square design for its backplates. The collection's soap dish holder contrasts this with a chunky ring to hold the dish itself, a round safety glass bowl included with the order. 

This Montero soap dish comes in 30 different shades and colors, including an unvarnished option.

The second-most popular soap dish comes from our Pipeline Collection, itself the best-selling collection in our catalog! Here it is with an Oil-Rubbed Bronze coating that echoes Pipeline's industrial/Steampunk inspiration.

Brass Pipeline soap dish


Or have some fun with a bold color like Spanish Gold:

Allied Brass Pipeline wall-mounted soap dish

We also offer a Pipeline vanity top soap dish, shown here in Shaded Beige, a classic accent color.


Beige vanity top soap dish from Allied Brass


Take a look at our other vanity top soap dispensers or our full line of soap dishes.

Brass is Best for Soapy Environments.

Regular readers and public health professionals know that brass is an excellent choice for moist and soapy places like bathrooms and soap holders.

That's because brass contains zinc and copper which have long been used to prevent disease transmission - even before viruses, bacteria, and microbes were fully understood.

Do You Prefer Liquid Soap? Get a Brass Soap Dispenser.

For people who prefer liquid soap, we offer several brass soap dispensers with thick glass receptacles in wall-mounted and vanity top styles.

This one from our Prestige Que New Collection is our best-seller in the category. 

Finish: Antique Brass

 The elongated dispenser neck is an Allied Brass feature that reaches out about seven inches. The container holds five ounces of liquid soap and easily lifts out of the ring to refill. 

Many customers buy two dispensers, one for soap and the other for hand lotion.

Add a little bling to your dispenser. Our Carolina Crystal Collection features glass crystal inlay in every piece.

brass soap dispenser with crystal inlay

Finish: Antique Bronze


What's More Effective Against Germs - Bar Soap or Liquid Soap? 

Liquid and bar soap are equally effective against removing germs - viruses, bacteria - according to The Healthy

Here are a few other observations to consider when choosing liquid or bar soap:

  • Liquid soap is a little better for hydrating skin, although you'll see many bar soaps add moisturizing ingredients
  • Bar soap tends to have fewer chemical ingredients than the liquid variety and less likely to irritate skin or cause an allergic reaction. 
  • Bar soap can potentially transmit bacteria and contamination - don't share with a sick person
  • Liquid soap is better for shared basins for this reason, especially in offices and restrooms

Be sure to clean reusable soap bottles. Soak them in warm water with a little bleach or use an antibacterial wipe.

Last of all, avoid foaming soap - they don't encourage lathering motions that really get hands clean.


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