The Essentials for Brass Bathroom Hardware

Sometimes you just need the essentials for bathroom hardware - but that shouldn't mean settling for lower quality.

Last year, we introduced four new, lower-cost decorative hardware collections that deliver the essentials for bathrooms and powder rooms.

  • Euro-style paper towel holder
  • Robe hook
  • Hand towel bar
  • Two towel bars, 18" and 24".

They're designed to easily pair with the major decor you already have in place. None are priced over $70, making these an excellent choice for customers with smaller budgets but appreciate brass qualities.

Argo: Blocky Modern Designs

Our Argo Collection is sort of a younger sibling to the Montero Collection. Both feature blocks for backplates and necks.

Like Montero, Argo offers a single bath towel bar but in two sizes - 18" and 24" - rather than four. The bars are a little thinner, 2" in diameter to Montero's 3".

Take a look at Argo's Euro-style toilet paper holder and this $39 hand towel bar. Click on any image to go to the product page where you can preview different finishes, zoom in on details, and find product specs.

$39 dollar brass hand towel


 Finish: Lavender

Like all our collections, Argo hardware come in 28 standard colors - far more than what you'll find among our competitors in the decorative hardware market. 

Before we move on, we have to share this robe hook, priced at $29.00 and finished in Fire Engine Red. It's one of our favorite designs from our sizable luxury hardware catalog.


Brass $29 robe hook


The Dayton Collection Blends Blocks and Cylinders

The Dayton Collection's modern design is similar to Argo's, adding cylinder touches to its caps. Like Argo, it features blocky backplates and post seen in this very affordable $39 toilet paper holder with the rounded cap.

$39 brass Euro style TP holder
Finish: Glozkin Teal


For those who are wondering, "glozkin teal" is one of several teal colors created and named by our partner Prismatic Powders. 

Rounded, Traditional Style in Essex Brass Hardware Collection

Our Essex Collection brings a traditional look with round backplates and caps. Unlike the other "essentials" collections, Essex features tapered bar posts seen in the 18" towel bar and finished in Antique Copper.

18" Allied Brass single towel bar
This Essex robe hook has an Antique Brass finish that underscores the elegant design.
Brass robe hook Allied Brass

Cylinders Highlight the Modern Malibu Collection 

 Our fourth collection, Malibu, is distinguished by cylindrical posts and rounded caps similar to those in the Dayton collection. Here's a $39 hand towel holder in a Flat Troll Blue (another interesting name!) finish.


$39 brass hand towel holer


Metallic finishes emphasize the elongated styles in this collection, especially in towel bars. This 18" one is finished in Polished Nickel:


Brass towel bar polished nickel finish

Brass Hardware for Tight Budgets

We created these four collections for customers with tighter budgets but still want the look, feel, and strength brass offers. They make great housewarming gifts for first-time homeowners or apartment dwellers (check with the landlord or super first before installing new hardware).

Be sure to check out our clearance deals as well.


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