triple brass and glass shelf with towelbar

If you're a baseball fan, you probably know about a few new rules that will speed up the game's pace and bring back the old excitement. We're optimistic that one of the rules will bring more extra base hits and maybe even approach Allied Brass's own record for triple hardware pieces.

Triples Deliver a Huge Boost

Doubles are great but triples bring a huge boost to any game.

Most of our triples are found in wood and glass shelves. We use extremely strong Ipe hardwood (the same wood used in decks and even boardwalks) and thick safety glass. Both are bolstered by our sturdy brass hardware.

Here is our best-selling triple shelf for 2022, which comes from our Foxtrot Collection. It's shown here with a Brushed Bronze finish. (Click on any image to visit the product page where you can preview finishes and see more details.)


three tiered brass and glass shelf

Many of our shelf sales include a towel bar added underneath, seen here in a triple shelf from our Carolina Collection.

three tiered wood and brass shelf
Finish: Antique Bronze
All our shelves come in two lengths: 16" and 22"and come in 28 standard finishes in all but one collection.

New! Triple Towel Rack for Hand Towels

Take a look at the triple towel racks we just added to our Remi, Carolina Crystal, and Carolina Collections.
These triple racks look like gentle waves that curve out and down to hang hand towels with enough space in between them to allow air-drying. They're perfect for guest bathrooms and powder rooms.
This one is from our Carolina Crystal Collection and shown in an Antique Brass finish.

Triple hand towel rackCrowd-Pleasing Triple TP Holders 

Anyone looking to decorate and stock a shared bathroom can't go wrong with a three-roll toilet paper holder.

We have more than 50 combinations of this, available horizontally, vertically, and with glass or wood shelves.

This one is from our Waverly Place Collection and has a rich Antique Copper finish that really brings out the wood tone. 


three roll brass TP holder with wood shelf




Tight on space? This vertical style seen in a Prestige Skyline three-roll holder could easily steal a place in a shared bathroom or small powder room.


Finish: Antique Pewter

Add a glass or wood shelf for extra user comfort.

Why We'll See More Triples in Baseball This Year

We think the larger bases introduced this season will benefit faster runners to go for triples. This should especially be the case for utility players with speed waiting to get picked for a lineup.

Traditionally, these players were  used as pinch runners, especially during playoffs. But we think fast base runners will gain an edge as the season stretches on and starters are inevitably sidelined with injuries or given a day off.

We'll see more base-stealing of course, but our money is on more triples - in baseball and hardware!

Triple hardware options