Brass Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder with Glass Shelf

We hear that more people are heading back to the office for work, at least some of the time. Welcome everyone back by sprucing up the office kitchen or break room with attractive decorative brass hardware from Allied Brass.

Every Office Kitchen Needs a Mug Organizer/Holder 

Office kitchens and break rooms are notorious for scattered coffee mugs and yet, it's hard to find one (at least a clean one!). Our four-and-six-hook brass coffee mug holders keep clean mugs organized and available.

Choose from 3 styles: under-the counter, wall-mounted, or countertop mug organizers. 

Office kitchen with under the counter mug organizer in background


Finish: Matte White

These mug organizers are made from cast iron with brass tubing and bushing.  Choose from 19 standard finishes.

Replace Old Paper Towel Holders With Sturdy Brass Hardware

One thing about shared spaces like office kitchens - the hardware gets a lot of use, and not always gently.

Paper towel holders are one of those items that get used a lot (well, we hope so!) and break down a lot. Our brass paper towel holders can take a lot of activity without falling apart. In fact, we warranty them against just this.

Our paper towel holders also come as countertop, wall-mounted, and under-the cabinet styles and come in 28 standard finishes. This particular style is popular in office kitchens:

Wall mounted brass paper towel holder

 Finish: Brushed Bronze

The pegs rotate up as you add a fresh paper towel or remove an empty roll.

This paper towel holder from our Carolina Collection is mounted under the cabinet - making it a great space-saver, too.

under cabinet brass paper towel holder

Finish: Antique Bronze

This paper towel holder from our Prestige Skyline Collection has a glass shelf over it - perfect to storing cleaning materials within an easy reach.

Finish: Polished Nickel

Lotion and Soap Dispensers are Essential for Office Kitchens

Most (if not all) local health departments require office kitchens to keep soap dispensers filled and accessible to sinks. Like paper towel holders, these dispensers get a lot of use.

Wall mounted brass and glass soap dispenser

Dottingham Collection. Finish: Fire Engine Red

Our wall-mounted soap dispensers - which can also hold lotion - are an excellent solution. For one thing, brass is highly resistant to germs; studies have long shown that viruses can't live, much less multiply, on brass

Each dispenser comes with a thick glass container that screws into the hardware. They hold five ounces of soap or lotion. 

Brass is Easy to Maintain 

Brass is easy to maintain.

  • Brass doesn't contain iron so it won't rust.
  • Brass is easy to keep clean - a quick wipe is usually all you need. Once in a while, brass might get need cleaning with warm soapy water; just be sure to dry it off to prevent color spots. Our finishes can handle this and are warranted against peeling or tearing.
  • Brass is strong and doesn't bend or break easily. You'll need a welding torch to do this.

All our products come with mounting hardware and instructions.

Go ahead and check out our office kitchen hardware today!

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