Vanity top makeup mirror with twisted ring detail

What's on your dresser or bureau? If there isn't a stylish, vanity top style makeup mirror, you're missing a crucial step when you put on the finishing touches for the day.

Vanity Top Mirrors: Essential  Dresser and Bureau Accessories

Do you add an earring or two to your daily attire? A tie or necklace? What about one last look at your hair, makeup, or shave? You need a vanity top mirror to ensure everything is in place. 

8" vanity top double-faced mirror. Finish: Satin Brass.

Allied Brass offers several stylish vanity top mirrors that are perfect for your dresser or bureau. They're made from brass and have dual-side 8-inch mirrors with magnification choices from 2X - 5X.

You don't have to worry about tipping them over - our mirror bases are weighted down to handle a lot of activity and spinning from one mirror side to the other. And yet, the bases take up less than six inches of space.

Vanity Top Mirrors are Not Just for Makeup

Vanity top mirrors are often called makeup mirrors and found in countless bathrooms. But their purpose goes beyond carefully applying mascara. We know customers also use them for shaving, plucking errant hairs, and other close-up work in the bathroom.

Tribecca Collection. Finish: Satin Chrome.

We also offer these mirrors in wall-mounted styles that extend from the wall and as freestanding, height adjustable styles. See the full makeup/shaving mirror collection.

Choose From Over Two Dozen Standard Finishes

We now offer more than two dozen - 25 to be exact - standard finishes for our brass home accessories. 

Standard Allied Brass product finishes 

  • 13 metallic finishes 
  • 1 unlacquered finish for those who like to age their brass
  • 3 matte finishes
  • 8 colors 

Here's one of our new colors, Spanish Gold, on a vanity top mirror from our Soho Collection

This mirror is finished in Mediterranean Blue, one of the most popular of our new colors:

Note the grooved accents on the base ring. Ring accents are featured in certain collections and  include twisted and dotted features. 

Don't wait to find a smudge or nick looking in the vanity mirror in your car visor. Get a vanity top mirror instead to get that last look before you head out the door or in front of your Zoom call.

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