The beach house you have always dreamt for

Opening your eyes to the glittery sky above and the ocean right in front of you is a treat!

Natural light, soft tones, and a minimal aesthetic vibe come to mind when we hear terms like coastal and beaches. In the contemporary world, people are fond of making the most of every resource available to get the perfect vibe of the place and its surroundings. When talking about finding comfort in a beach house, it simply implies going minimal and anything that is not too cliched. 

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Significantly, when one talks about the Home Décor, they always drive through the concept of creating the maximum out of a minimum place. And the whole idea revolves around the thought that "Less is More." While we interpret a coastal vibe, it is all about going more for the natural elements, relaxed color tones, and no room for clutter. 

Coastal Decor Calling You

Coastal designs are meant to be compact, minimal, classy, and modern. 

So does Allied Brass and its high-quality brass decorative hardware.  

At Allied Brass, we present the perfect palette of minimal yet comprehensive brass hardware to cater to your style. A casual, comfortable, and easy decor style with the firmness and rich appeal of brassware is sure to soothe your senses and elevate the feel of a perfect beach house.

Are you trusting Style with Brass? Should you for a trial so peculiar?

Here's why! Watch Now.

And when you say "Beach feels," it doesn't necessarily mean shells, glass, and baskets. Many believe in keeping it classy. 

We bring you the ultimate assortment of decorative hardware to keep it simple, sober, and just on point. 


When it comes to selecting the hardware for your house, we assure you of countless options to choose from. So, be ready for the grinding work of making the perfect choices for your beach decor!

And for our customizable touch!!

We won’t let you feel limited to these coppers and silvers as we too have an array of a pastel colour palette for all our products. So, here comes the difficult part for you!

We recommend you to have a look at our vibrant colour palette.

Please have a look at our staggering modern house decorative hardware.

  1. Vanity Top Towel Stands-

The perfect suite for your aesthetic bathroom feels in different dimensions and styles is just a click away! When we say styles, we indicate-

Vanity Top Towel StandsVanity Top Towel StandsVanity Top Towel Stands

  • Candle Holders-
  • To add to the perfect beachy candle light dinner, we bring to you endless options of candle holders to suit every mood and every occasion! Check out now!

       candle holdercandle holdercandle holdercandle holder

    2. Toilet Paper Holders-

    Bathrooms with toilet paper rolls just lying down is not what a classy beach house should portray. Therefore, rolling out the best stock we have for you!

    Toilet Paper HolderToilet Paper HolderToilet Paper HolderToilet Paper HolderToilet Paper Holder

    Vibing with- "Less Is More" brought people striving hard to attain the maximum utilisation of minimal spaces, especially when we talk of closet spaces and garment hangers. And to give you that extra leeway, we got you the most stylish yet minimalistic retractable hooks and garment rods. These style statements will beautifully ornament the walls of your homes and add valuable spaces to your home's bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. 

    Our lovable wall hooks include-

       Retractable HooksRetractable Hooks

    Retractable HooksRetractable Hooks

    Retractable HooksRetractable Hooks

    Retractable HooksRetractable HooksRetractable Hooks


    That's It?

    Of Course Not !!!

    Because we are extensively limited!

    Other Hardware-

    Whether you are planning to redo your beach houses or go for a completely new look, our fine hardware collections will surely leave you shaken. Our classics will redefine the style for the concept of a perfect beach house.

    Please delve into the world of crafty hardware for your home decor.


    1. Appliance and Door Pulls
    2. Cabinet Hardware
    3. Grab Bars
    4. Shower Door Accessories
    5. Cabinet Pulls
    6. Refrigerator Pulls
    7. Robe Hooks
     Connect with us and allow us to identify what you wish from your beachy home decor!
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