Brass retractable wall hook

Have you been hooked up with one of Allied Brass's retractable designer hooks? Check them out now, because these hooks are 30% off this month.

Our Newest Hooks are Retractable

Last year, we introduced hooks that extend 2-1/2" out from a wall and retract back in to look like an interesting decor accent. This concept so unique we were told to file a patent for it, which we did.

Take a look at how this retractable wall hook from our Carolina Collection appears as it extends out and back in:

Retractable brass wall hook extended out
Retractable brass wall hook pushed in


Finish: Antique Copper

Want a little more bling for your retractable hook? The Carolina Crystal Collection delivers this with a crystal glass inlay in every piece. 

Retractable wall hook with glass inlay

Finish: Antique Pewter

Here's our newest retractable hook, from our Clearview Collection. It features a semi-translucent acrylic knob on the end: 

brass retractable hook translucent knob
Finish: Polished Brass


We also have a modern style retractable hook...

Modern style brass wall hook holding a denim jacket

 Finish: Satin Chrome

...and another in a more tradition style:

Traditional brass hook extending out from wall

 Finish: Matte Black

All our retractable brass wall hooks are available in 28 finishes, including other metallic finishes, bright colors, matte colors, and an unfinished option.

Hooks can hold up to 15 pounds and fit into standard interior walls. Instructions and installation hardware come with every order.

Interchangeable Knob Tips

Do you like to change decor with the seasons? Our extendable hooks let you do this with our brass decorator knobs people buy to liven up dressers, bureaus, and cabinets.

 We have over 45 such knobs. Here's a sample:

Brass grooved designer cabinet knobFinish: Satin Brass
Brass designer knob gavel style
Finish: Venetian Bronze
Pipeline Collection. Finish: Golden Yellow
Products in our Pipeline collection are available in 19 finishes. Other knobs come in the same 28 finishes featured in our other collections.

Retractable Garment Rods are Also 30% Off

These nifty hooks aren't our first retractable item. We created pullout garment rods several years ago to hold heavier garments, such as drycleaning or wet coats, using designer hardware and sturdy wood. 
Rods pull up and out seven inches to hold up to 20 pounds. Rods fold back down when they aren't needed. 
Retractable brass and wood garment rod
Finish: Matte White
These garment rods are perfect for laundry rooms, mud rooms, closets, and entryways - anywhere you need a place to hang up heavy garments. 
This video shows just how handy these garment rods are:

Don't wait too long - 30% off will end soon! 

Retractable hardware