Pullout garment rod holding three shirts on hangars

Last week we talked about our patent-pending retractable brass hooks which are, by the way, still listed at 30% the usual price.

This week, we'll tell you about the other half of this sale: our retractable brass garment rods. Click on any image to go to the product page where you can preview different finishes and zoom in on details.

Compact Brass Garment Rods With Designer Styling

Sturdy and solid solid hardware doesn't have to be plain. In fact, this is the founding idea behind Allied Brass: to create lovely, sturdy, and lasting designer hardware using brass and other resilient materials.

We made our garment rods to be compact as well: when you don't need them, just fold them down. They take up very little space!

Our materials are tough, but they've got definite designer flair. Take a look at this retractable garment rod from our Clearview Collection:

Brass pullout garment rod red finish clear knob
Finish: Fire Engine Red
Like all our Clearview hardware, this one features clear acrylic detail. Here, it's the pull-out knob.
We took this a step further when we introduced our Carolina Crystal Collection a few years ago. It includes crystal glass inlay in every piece, including the collection's retractable garment rod shown below in a polished chrome finish:

Garment Rods Stylish Enough to Complement Room Decor

We originally envisioned these garment rods for laundry rooms - a good idea as we introduced them around the time people started thinking about ways to get more use out of their laundry rooms. More people were adding shelves, cupboards, and other accessories like hooks to their laundry spaces.
(Not to get too off-topic but oh boy, do we have tons of downright gorgeous and hardy shelves and hooks!)
Here's one of our original retractable pullout garment rods with a Venetian Bronze finish:
retractable brass garment rod holding 3 shirts on wood hangars
We now know that people like these garment rods enough to put in other, more traveled parts of the home, including entryways and mudrooms. Quite a few are also installed in closet spaces and bathrooms.
We know they've been purchased by fitness centers and golf clubs to put in locker rooms near the showers as well. Because brass is highly resistant to moisture, it won't rust. 

28 Standard Designer Finish Colors

Choose from 28 standard designer finishes we offer! They include metallic colors, matte finishes, and popular primary and accent colors.
Plus, we use a tough powder coating warrantied against peeling or fading.

Seven Inches of Garment Rod Holds 20 Pounds' Worth of Clothing

The full garment rod is ten inches long and extends seven inches out of the wall. It can hold up to about 20 pounds' worth of clothing.  When not in use, just fold it down; it's neatly compact.
Here's our video of Robert Andris, our founder and president, showing how to install our pullout garment rods:

Remember, our sale for retractable garment rods and hooks is still on!


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