Astor Place toilet paper holder with glass shelf.

Who would have thought toilet paper would become such a valued commodity, a hit with consumers from all walks of life? It's like the East Coast before a snowstorm!

The good news is, there's a lot of TP in the nation's supply chain. And we have lots of attractive and stylish TP holders for you to peacefully dispense your supply.

First, Do No Harm.

We believe no one should go without TP and obtain a supply in an atmosphere free of intimidation tactics, including pushing, shoving, or outrunning elderly shoppers.

And really, there is plenty of toilet paper in the supply chain - it's just that the supply chain needed time to react to the high nationwide demand.

The US TP supply is manufactured right here at home - there's no reason to worry about a holdup at a port. And the same goes for toilet paper holders! All our products are designed, plated, and assembled at our factory in Virginia.

Show Off That TP in Style!

What kind of toilet paper holder do you want? If you've never considered that question, our newly-redesigned website is the right place for you!

We offer traditional, two-post TP holders made from brass or pipe. You won't find sturdier ones anywhere, and they won't rust, chip, or peel. Even better, the spring inside is a tough one that won't bend or fly away when you're changing out a roll.

Most of our two-post TP holders mount to a wall but we also offer TP holders that fit into wall recesses. These come from our
Clearview and Carolina Crystal collections.

Then there are roller-free styles like this European on from our
Prestige Skyline collection, and this upright from our Que New collection:


Clever Options for Toilet Paper Holders

How about putting a glass or wood shelf over your toilet paper holder? Many of our collections feature these options, which are particularly useful in office restrooms as well as in powder rooms and bathrooms at home. Below is a Pipeline TP holder with a wood shelf and a Dottingham three-roll holder with glass shelf.

We offer double and triple roll TP holders, with and without shelves, available horizontally or vertically. And for busier office restrooms, there are 5-roll options, too.

Browse the toilet paper holder category for other options such as wall-mounted horizontal no-roller holders and dual-arm styles that hold a roll on each side. We also offer TP stands that can be adjusted by height.

Order by April 3 and get 15% off!

Customization available. Please respond to this email for more information.
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