Venus (Love) and Mercury (Commerce)

Most people recognize Venus and Mercury as two planets closer to the sun and smaller than Earth. We're pretty sure our customers also know these names as the mythical goddess of love and god of commerce.

We named two of our smaller collections after Venus, which features a light, loving look like the goddess herself, and Mercury the god of money and commerce. Because who doesn't love both?

Venus Collection: Aura of Lightness

Allied Brass' Venus collection, represented by the towel bar above at right in a polished brass finish, brings an aura of lightness. Look at the way the arm drops down and then gently curves up to offer a place to drape a towel.

Don't be fooled by Venus' delicate good looks: it's made with 100% brass.

This towel bar above in four sizes: 18", 24", 30" and 36". In addition to the grooved accents on the hardware, you can also get it with twisted or dotted accents, or simply smooth.

And like all our brass pieces, everything in the collection is available in 17 standard finishes. Or choose from a selection of thousands of colors for a small, one-time fee. Minimum purchase not required, and you can use that color over and over again!

 Mercury Collection: Nostalgic for Space

Mercury was the Roman god of commerce, something we appreciate. But we named the collection for the early, single-person Mercury capsules that blasted our first astronauts into space in the early 1960s.

Like those early capsules, our Mercury collection has a blunt projection on top. It shares the same pop-out buttons  in the Venus collection. The Euro-influenced toilet tissue holder below, shown in a satin nickel finish, is a good example.

Notice the detail in the supporting ring. We're showing it here with a twist style. It also comes in dotted, grooved, and smooth styles; click on the image to compare these different styles.

The Mercury Collection adds some pizazz to closet hardware. Here's a three-set hook great for holding belts, ties, scarves, and necklaces.

This is also available as a double hook and six-hook set. Share it with a clients who use your closet design service.

There's also a Mercury single robe hook perfect for a bathroom or closet. All hooks are available in four accents and in 17 finishes.

Escape to Space!

If you share our interest in space exploration, we have to recommend The Right Stuff, which chronicles the Apollo 13 mission which included some of the Mercury 7 astronauts. We plan to re-watch it to  help get through this difficult period for our nation.

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