Paper Towel Holders Fit For The Kitchen

Paper towels are kitchen essentials. Tell your clients about our stylish paper towel holders that can add an additional touch of elegance to their kitchens!

Paper Towel Holders: Chic Design in Sturdy Brass

Think about how paper towels are used. They are often ripped from their holders for emergency clean-ups. Holders have to be strong enough to withstand grabbing and rough tearing or they will literally get bent out of shape.

Two of our popular styles are shown above: a wall-mounted towel holder from our Waverly Place collection shown in an antique copper finish, and another wall-mounted favorite, the space-saving candlestick style paper towel holder. This one is from our Retro Dot collection in a satin nickel finish.

Our paper towel holders are made from super-sturdy 100% brass--except our Pipeline holders shown below, which are constructed from actual pipe.

Different Styles, Designs, and Finishes for Paper Towel Holders

Many of our wall-mounted paper towel designs echo those of our popular upright wall-mounted toilet paper holders and those in the open (no-post) European style.

We even designed a few with sturdy glass shelves above the holder like this one from our Prestige Q New collection and some countertop models, too.

We offer 17 finishes for our brass product lines and seven for Pipeline.

We can also customize colors for a small, one-time fee. Prismatic Powders, our coloring partner, uses powder coating, which creates a harder and much more durable coat than conventional paint.

Its coatings also provide a much more even coating that won't drip, sag, or run.

And finally, powder coating is friendlier to the environment because it doesn't need a solvent, so no Volatile Organic Compounds are released into the atmosphere.

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