New Additions To Our Pipeline Collection!

We admit to having a soft spot for our Pipeline Collection. It's our only collection that isn't made from brass but constructed from real pipe.

You could say it's our bold experiment outside the world of brass!

Pipeline has sold vedry well so it was time to add some new products to the collection, a couple of vanity pieces like the toothbrush holder in a new satin nickel finish and mirrors with hardware finished in brushed bronze. We now have a total of 44 Pipeline products, all designed and manufactured in the USA.

A New Finish to an Endearing Product Line

The Pipeline Collection is nostalgic and hip at the same time. The perforated holes remind us of exposed pipe you used to see in New York apartment kitchens and bathrooms. Like so many things that were once looked down on as too scruffy, pipe is now a popular touch in modern interior design.

And why not? It's sturdy and authentic.

All the while, we kept debating finishes for Pipeline. We all agreed that matte colors looked great on it, especially dark ones. But some of us also like how certain finishes like satin nickel really bring out details. So we added that finish to the entire Pipeline collection. You can see it on the vanity top toothbrush holder.

New Pipeline Vanity Top Accessories and Wall Mirrors!

We also added a vanity top soap dish to the line to complement the toothbrush holder. Here it is in a matte white finish.

And we decided to expand our repertoire of wall mirrors into Pipeline. In addition to the landscape shape, we also have mirrors that are round, oval, arched (shown below with hardware in an antique bronze finish), and rectangular. All are wall-mounted and can tilt up and down.

They're perfect for bathrooms but also work well in bedrooms and entryways.

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