Lord Of The (Precious) Towel Rings

Our towel rings are so precious, aren't they? Sometimes we whisper to them about how much we love them.

Towel rings are powder room staples. We now have 27 unique towel rings in our inventory, with more to come.

Most of our precious towel rings are made with 100% brass and coated with a powder finish that won't fade, rust, or peel. Choose from 17 different finishes or customize a color for a one-time fee.

Or if you have a client who embraces the industrial look, our Pipeline collection towel ring is made from pipe. The ring is a stainless steel braided hose with a white powder coating. Here's one with the pipe coated in an antique bronze finish:

Rings for the Ring!

Some of our towel rings can be further customized by ring style, such as the one from our Pacific Grove collection above in the satin brass finish. This one has a twisted ring design to accent the acrylic inlay.

The other ring styles are dotted, grooved, and smooth--no ring, just a smooth surface--as shown below in a bright polished brass finish to this towel ring from our Mercury collection.


Not All Rings are Round

We have several ring styles that are rounded quadrilaterals like these beauties from our Tribecca and Continental collections.

The Tribeca piece below is shown in a polished chrome finish while the Continental is in a dotted ring design. This particular piece is unlacquered--it's highly polished but has no finish so your client can allow it to darken to an older-looking patina.

The Continental piece is shown unlacquered but polished brightly so that the customer can allow it to age into an older-looking patina.

Questions? Email us at sales@alliedbrass.com or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.