Our Beautiful Designer Shelves Maximize Bathroom Space

Space is often at a premium in bathrooms, particularly when they're shared.

If you're working with a client whose home includes a shared bathroom or a powder room, suggest they maximize the space with one of our designer shelves. We offer a huge range of designer two- and three-tiered glass and wood shelves.

Above is a two-tiered wood shelf from our Pipeline collection shown in a satin nickel finish and a three-tiered glass shelf from our Mambo collection in a brushed bronze finish. Both are available in single, double, and triple shelves, some with integrated towel bars.

Our Shelves are Constructed with Strong, High-Quality Materials

Don't let the elegant looks of our glass shelves fool you. They're pretty tough. We use strong, thick safety glass that's about six times strong than regular glass and supports a lot more weight. In the unlikely event it shatters, it breaks into small blunt fragments much less likely to cause an injury.

We use Ipe hardwood for our wood shelves. This strong, lovely wood has been used in boardwalks for decades and more recently for decks at private homes. We think they're perfect for shelves, too.

Tiered Glass Shelves for Corners, Too!

We also offer two- and three-tiered corner glass shelves to maximize space in corners, too. This triple shelf is from our Foxtrot collection.

Like our other shelves, they come with hidden hardware to mount them to the wall, in finishes that match the one you choose for the shelf.

Questions? Email us at sales@alliedbrass.com or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.