New Years Resolutions: Organization And Safety

This year, we want to refocus our emphasis on safety and organization, two factors that are particularly important in bathrooms. These are our new year's resolutions.

Organization drives a lot of our designs, particularly our bathroom wall organizer that holds a hairdryer or curling iron and a tumbler or soapdish/soap dispenser. It also includes a towel bar. As a plus, it's a safe place to hold hot hairstyling tools.

Grab bars are perhaps the key safety item in bathrooms. They're required in health care facilities. Smart homeowners install them when they remodel baths or showers.

Organization = Safety

Bathrooms are the busiest rooms in most homes. They're used throughout the day and night.

So while few people are drying their hair at 3 am, it's nice to know that everything is in its place. No towels to trip on, or hairdryers to accidentally knock into the sink when you're reaching for a towel.

(You might argue that kitchens are busier, but they are rarely needed in the middle of the night by sleepy, stumbling, residents.)

Our bathroom wall accessories are made from solid brass and easy to install. The one above is from our Prestige Regal collection and shown in a brushed bronze finish, one of 17 finishes we offer.

We also believe that toilet paper should be organized; that's why we designed a number of TP holders that keep an extra roll in place, like the upright TP holder from our Carolina collection shown here in an antique brass finish.

Take a look at our other upright toilet paper holders and double roll holders like this one from our Monte Carlo collection in a matte gray finish.

Safety Because It's the Right Thing to Do

It wasn't too long ago when grab bars were safety items you rarely saw in private homes. They've been required in healthcare and medical facilities for years, but as we've discussed in the past, grab bars belong in every home--especially where there are aging or elderly residents or young children still learning to balance.

We strongly believe grab bars are helpful for people who have the occasional sports injury or head cold that makes them less sure-footed than usual. So we designed grab bars that are as attractive as they are strong to encourage more homeowners to install them. They're an excellent item for you to recommend for bathroom remodels.

The grab bar above is from our Pipeline collection, shown here in a satin nickel finish, is made from actual pipe.

Our other grab bars are made from solid brass and come in 17 standard finishes. And like all our products, they can be customized for color and style.

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