Grab Bars: #1 For Bathroom Safety

One of our New Year's resolutions is to focus on safety in bathrooms, where more than 80% of falls in the home take place.

Not surprisingly, most of these falls happen to seniors, but more than one able-bodied younger person has slipped in the shower. Injury and illness make all of us more susceptible to falling in wet, slippery environments.

Small wonder that virtually every article on home safety mentions grab bars in the bathroom--and it's often #1 on the list. So when your clients talk about remodeling their bathrooms, tell them about our stylish and sturdy brass and pipe grab bars.

Grab Bars are Designed for the Job

Many seniors use towel bars to stabilize them as they step in and out of the shower or tub. But towel bars are not strong enough to support their weight!

Grab bars are designed to support and stabilize. We offer ten stylish grab bars made from brass and pipe that come in four lengths from 16 to 36 inches.

Some of these, such as the grab bar from our Dottingham collection shown above in a brushed bronze finish, features a "reeded" surface for easy gripping. The grab bar from our Pipeline collection, shown in a satin nickel finish, lends a glossy look to its old-style industrial design.

All our grab bars are ADA-compliant--perfect for senior housing. Be sure to consult an official ADA bathroom guide if you're working with a healthcare or a senior living facility.

Proper Angles for Grab Bars

We believe grab bars belong in all showers and tubs.

  • Grab bars in showers should be installed horizontally along the side wall at about waist height (34-36 inches above the surface).
  • In tub/shower combos, they should be a bit lower, about 30 inches high.

If you want to install a grab bar by a toilet, you should ideally put in two: one horizontal to the floor and about six inches above the toilet seat, and the other perpendicular to it and about 16 inches higher.

Our grab bars come with hardware to keep them secured to wall studs.

Ask us about our custom color services if you and your client have a particular one in mind.

Questions? Email us at or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.