Ceiling Hung Mirrors Add Style To Your Bathroom

Want to thrill clients who are remodeling a bathroom? Tell them about ceiling hung mirrors, an exciting addition to any room. Hanging one in a bathroom adds a dollop of style and sensibility.

Our ceiling hung mirrors are double-sided as well, bringing more usefulness when they are used to divide space in a bedroom for dressing and sleeping.

Mirror, Mirror, Hanging From the Ceiling

Why hang a mirror from the ceiling instead of on a wall? Well, we can think of many reasons:

  • Ceiling hung mirrors are stylish, but still kind of unexpected and add an interesting element to bathroom decor.
  • Mirrors add dimension to any room, particularly when they reflect natural light from a window or skylight.
  • Adding more light to a bathroom aids with makeup, shaving, and dressing.
  • A ceiling-hung mirror can naturally separate sleeping and dressing areas in a bedroom, or create two adjacent but separate dressing spaces.
  • A two-sided mirror over a kitchen island lets the chef keep an eye on the oven, too.

Well-made mirrors are works of art, and people have been hanging art from ceilings for decades. It's no surprise to us that decorative mirrors are now receiving the same treatment.

Ceiling Hung Mirror for a Sophisticated Room Update

If you want to update a room, you can't go wrong with a ceiling-hung mirror from Allied Brass.

We designed our mirrors to reflect modern styling and feature frameless, flared designs for a minimalist look that works with different decor styles. Choose a round, oval, arched (shown here), or rectangular (landscaped or portrait) style.

Beveled edges are standard on three models and can be customized on any design. We offer 17 different standard finishes for the sturdy, 100% brass hanging hardware--or select a custom color.

Give your clients a thrill--recommend a double-sided frameless mirror for their partial or complete remodel!

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