Shower Curtain Artistry

Have you seen some of the shower curtains out there?

Honestly, we thought the one above at left was a Jackson Pollock knockoff until we read that it was a home art project. (Credit to Ivy League Mama who generously shared her progeny's work on Flickr!)

The one on the right looks like it's from Monument Valley and one hangs in the bathroom of one luvjnx, also on Flickr.

Don't these gems deserve to be displayed on equally attractive shower curtain brackets?

Shower Curtain Brackets That Complement the Art

When you and your client select a shower curtain, it should be displayed.

Just as you spend time deciding on the right frame for artwork, spend some time deciding on a shower curtain bracket. We offer a selection of attractive and sturdy brackets that complement different shower curtain styles.

We think the matte gray bracket below at left is a great frame for that Pollock-inspired piece. And the slightly textured bracket in brushed bronze shown at right is a perfect complement for the Western scene.

Our brackets range from flat to spiral--some with an extra "bubble" at the ends. They come in 17 standard finishes, including matte white and black. Or customize a color for a small fee.

We're certain you will find the right shower curtain bracket, in the style and finish that works with shower curtain artwork.

Standard and Extra-Long Rod

We sell shower curtain rods in two lengths: 60 inches and 72 inches. They come in two fitted sections, allowing for seamless adjustment. And of course, they fit into all our brackets.

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