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Have you notice how laundry rooms have become real working spaces, complete with laundry room accessories?

It makes sense - this is where clothing, linens, and towels are washed, dried, and ironed, and where the kids' beloved stuffed animals have a spa day.  

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Retractable Accessories For Laundry Rooms Work in Lots of Spaces

We knew our customers would appreciate extra handing space in closets and created with retractable valet/garment rods. They turned out to be perfect for laundry rooms as well. 

Valet/Garment rod extended to hold dress shirts

Made from solid, high-quality brass, our garment rods are an inexpensive alternative to installing clothes racks and are a lot more attractive, too. Why shouldn't the laundry room be as pleasant as the rest of your home?

These retractable rods are used in other spaces around the home as well.

We recently added retractable wall hooks to extend (pun intended) our customers' choices for additional hanging spaces when wall space is tight - or they simply don't want to risk wrecking drywall!  

These wall hooks are truly unique. In fact, we have a patent pending for them.

Five Reasons to Install Garment Rods

Here are our five reasons to install garment rods in a laundry room, closet, mudroom, or wherever you wished you had space to hang  lighter-weight (20 pounds or less) items.

  1. Space Savers. Our garment rods don't need a lot of exterior space to install. Fully extended, they reach out 8" from the wall and retract to easily fit into an end wall or doorframe.
  2. Easy to Install. Each garment rod weighs just two pounds. We include instructions and installation hardware, which remains hidden. This video explains how to install one.
  3. Strong! These sturdy garment rods hold up to 20 pounds. Plus, each rod is made from solid brass and wood and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  4. Lots of Finishing Options. Allied Brass' garment rods come in 17 standard finishes, powder-pressed to prevent fading or peeling.
  5. Customizable. We can customize these rods to meet a particular style or color. Just give us a call or email to discuss your specs.

Laundry Room Accessories to Fit Any Space

Even if your laundry room is a closet, you still need accessories to organize to make the most of the space you have.

That's where retractable wall hooks can help! Because they have shorter extensions than garment rods - they extend 2.5" - they don't require extra space behind the wall like garment rods. Install them in a hollow area behind a wall.

Here are a few ways these retractable hooks can help organize a tight laundry space:

  • Hang lightweight items that shouldn't go in the dryer - these hooks hold up to 15 pounds
  • Hold mesh bags used to protect delicates in the wash - we've noticed these bags easily disappear
  • Hold detergent pods in bags and save shelf space
  • Hold cleaning cloths to remind laundry users to wipe down machine surfaces, including bleach/softener dispensers
  • Hang a bag to collect lint from the dryer
    Four styles of retractable brass wall hooks

These hooks are great in bathrooms, too. Install one right outside the shower so you can grab a towel. Put one by the sink if there isn't room for a towel bar, or you want an extra place to keep one handy. 

Our other hooks are decorative robe hooks and multi hooks great for organizing lighter items like belts, ties, scarves, necklaces, and craft supplies. Like all our products, they come in several shades of coated finish and won't peel, rust, or corrode under normal use

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