Shower Door Towel Bars For Glass Doors

We recently added several new shower door towel bars to our Pacific Beach and Pacific Grove collections. These are two of our three collections that combine brass with acrylic; the third is our Clearview Collection.

Above you'll see a new Pacific Grove shower door towel bar that fits on both sides of a glass shower door or panel. The single bar, from our Pacific Beach collection, mounts on either side of the glass. Decorative plates appear on the other side.

More Shower Door Hardware for More Glass Showers

We certainly aren't throwing stones at glass shower doors. We like them!

Just about anyone who remodels a bathroom will install glass doors to their shower. And while there are some pretty cool-looking shower curtains out there, it's hard to argue that glass showers are almost always preferable.

  • They look more luxurious in shower-only bathrooms
  • Doors can provide complete or partial enclosure depending on the shower design
  • Safety glass removes concerns about glass strength and shattering

The only time we wouldn't recommend glass doors are for shower-tub combinations, particularly for children's bathrooms. It's too difficult to bathe a young child when a glass door is in place. (And we do, in fact, design and sell stylish, all-brass shower curtain brackets and rods.)

Since there are more showers separate from tubs and more glass doors, it only made sense to add to our inventory of shower door towel bars.

We decided to add them to the Pacific collections because the acrylic touch is so perfect for beach or vacation homes. They're sturdy, easy to keep clean, and have an informal feel that says "away from it all," if even just for a weekend.

Shower door towel bars come in 3 sizes: 18," 24," and 30." All are available in 17 standard finishes, including matte black, white, and gray.

Choose from four styles for the rings that hold the bars in place.

Double-sided Towel Bars or Single?

Our shower door hardware towel bars come double and single-sided. Single-sided bars can be installed on either side of the tub.

We offer this choice because not everyone wants a towel bar inside the shower. Smaller homes and apartments have smaller bathrooms where space is a premium. Adding a towel bar directly on the outside of a shower door is a huge space-saver.

We also know that some people want a towel readily available to them, as soon as they turn off the water. Single bars can be installed on either side, and double bars, of course, fit the bill on both sides of the door.

Finally, we can customize our products to clients' specifications. Give us a call or email us with your ideas and questions!

Questions? Email us at or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.