Brass and acrylic shower door pull

We aren't trying to snoop in your bathroom - we just want to tell you about Allied Brass' shower door hardware perfect for that luxurious shower you just remodeled - or are planning to upgrade.

Shower Door Hardware For Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are probably the most striking change in a bathroom makeover. People have a lot of reasons to go for them:

  • They have that upmarket look you want to see in a bathroom.
  • Doors provide complete or partial enclosure depending on the shower design.
  • Safety glass removes concerns about glass strength and shattering.
  • They do a better job keeping water from spraying outside the shower.
Remodeled bathroom with glass shower doors

We certainly are big fans of shower doors. In addition to the points above, we like that they're pretty easy to keep clean, especially with an Allied Brass squeegee.

Brass Shower Door Pulls

Our shower door pulls can be installed on either side of a glass shower door. For that reason, we offer both as back-to-back sets and separately.

Here is a single door pull from our Clearview Collection, which features brass and acrylic hardware:

Clearview brass and acrylic shower door pull

Finish: Oil-Rubbed Bronze

From inside the shower, you see a decorative plate with matching finish.

Our shower door pulls come in three sizes: 8", 12" and 18". In addition, there are 17 finishes to select from.

Finally, this collection and two others that combine acrylic and brass (Pacific Beach and Pacific Grove) offers four types of ring details - smooth (shown above), dotted, grooved, and twisted.

Here's a grooved ring detail from a back-to-back Clearview door pull:  

Shower Door Towel Bars Deliver Twice Over

Shower door towel bars provide a double-duty: they work as door pulls and as towel bars.

We love having shower door towel bars. It's beyond great to have a towel right there when you need it!

Collection: Prestige Skyline. Finish: Satin Nickel

This single towel bar can be mounted on either side of the shower door. 

Take a look at the back-to-back option for this towel bar. 

Shower door towel bars come in three lengths: 18", 24" and 30". 

Undecided About Shower Curtains vs Shower Doors?

We've seen a lot of ads about turning an old bathtub into a sleek, modern shower stall.  Since we sell shower curtain hardware, too, we have some skin in the game when it comes to deciding shower vs tub.

We do think that it's a good idea to keep at least one bathtub in a home with a shower curtain. It's much easier to bathe babies and young children in a tub than to take them in a shower. And who doesn't appreciate a good soak in a tub?

We've seen tubs enclosed with glass doors and we don't think this is a good idea. It can be difficult for children, seniors, and people with mobility-related disabilities to navigate over the tub and around a glass door. Shower doors should reach the floor for maximum safety.

Remember, a well-constructed, sleek new shower is not only enjoyable but increases a property's overall value. It's never a bad thing to upgrade a bathroom!

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