Bathrobe hanging of the middle hook of a 3-piece decorative hardware hook set

If there's one thing we know for sure - it's that  well-crafted and well-designed decorative hardware will deliver both functionality and accent to room decor.

Allied Brass offers a wide selection of finely crafted decorative hardware that delivers just this. 

Finely-Crafted Decorative Hardware Make Excellent Accent Pieces

Take a look at this beautiful bathroom. Those walls are amazing, aren't they?

That's an Allied Brass ladder-style towel bar with acrylic arms and brass hardware is mounted to the wall at right. It's both useful - it holds four bath-sized towels - and it quite attractive. The white acrylic arms and earth-toned finish on the brass complement the room's colors.

Bathroom with Allied Brass ladder towel bar 

Acrylic and brass ladder-style towel bars are available in three of our collections - Clearview, Pacific Breach, and Pacific Grove. Towel bars come in three widths: 24", 30", and 36". See our full selection of ladder-style towel bars.

Who doesn't have a lot of coffee mugs taking up valuable space in cabinets? Our mug organizers are the perfect solution and let you show off the collection, too!  Here's a wall-mounted six-hook mug holder from our popular Pipeline Collection, shown in an Antique Bronze finish:


In addition to the wall-mounted organizer, we also offer an under-the-counter style and countertop models. Each style is available with four or six hooks. Be sure to see all our mug holders - they've been fantastic sellers,  make great gifts, and enhance kitchen decor!


We Offer More Standard Finishes Than Our Competition

Going into 2023, we'll continue to offer 29 standard shades - a lot more than our competition - for customers to choose from. They include 14 metallic finishes that range from shiny polished brass and chrome to soft, satin tones.* Here are four metallic finishes for retractable wall hooks we introduced in June:


Retractable hooks in four sample finishes


We also introduced 11 new color choices in July. Here are some samples:

Samples of Allied Brass hardware with new color options


We'll round out the color palette with three matte colors in black, white, and gray. Lastly, there's an unfinished option that lets you age the brass into a patina you like. Later, you can shine it back to its original brilliance!

*The Pipeline Collection includes four metallic finishes plus the three matte finishes and the 11 new colors.


Our Products are Robust, Functional, and Attractive!

Before you go out to shop for decorative hardware or home accessories, check out our products.

We offer 41 brass designer hardware collections that feature all kinds of design styles - traditional, modern, eclectic, even Steampunk. All are designed and assembled here in the US. 

Why Choose Brass Hardware?

Consumers should consider brass for its antimicrobial properties, thanks to its zinc component. Because it's mostly copper, it won't rust like iron. We use powder-coated finishes that won't tear or fade. In fact, all our products come with a limited lifetime warranty assuming normal household use.

For us, these benefits are the icing on the cake! We love brass for its sturdiness. Its also really fun to design with brass. 

Don't settle for weaker and cheaper materials. Get something that lasts for years and comes with color choices to complement your room decor. We ship all products free throughout the US.

Questions? Feel free to contact us!

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