retractable brass hook

Take a look at our newest product - all-brass wall hooks that extend and retract, with tips that can interchange with any of our knob selection!

We just released this unique hook, which is being reviewed by the US Patent Office. No one else has it!

Let's start by showing the video for this product: 

Four Unique Retractable Hook Designs

Right now, we're offering these unique retractable hooks in four unique styles, each in 17 standard finishes, including matte black, white, and gray. 

Allied Brass retractable Wall Hooks

Check out the specs for each retractable hook on its product page:

As the video above explains, the retractable hook installs into a hollow wall - no need to search for a wall stud. It extends 2.5" out from the wall and can hold up to 15 pounds.


Help us choose new colors and get a $10 coupon! Details are on our website.


 When they're not in use, just push the hooks back into the wall, and voila: you have a nice little a wall decoration! Here's a Carolina Crystal hook fully retracted:

Finish: Satin Brass

You can even replace the knob section with a cabinet knob. We have a large and diverse selection of brass knobs to fit any décor.

Retractable Garment Rods Hold Additional Items

We've been offering our attractive brass retractable garment rods for several years now. They come in very handy in laundry rooms, bathrooms, closets, entryways, and mudrooms.

Our garment rods (also called valet rods) are larger and heavier product than the new retractable hooks. each rod holds up to 20 pounds, should be installed on an end wall or stud. The rods extend out 10", and require that amount of wall depth for installation.

This video explains garment rods really well:

 We offer six distinct garment rods, including four from our Carolina, Carolina Crystal, Clearview, and Fresno collections. See them all here

 Clearview Collection Retractable Garment Rod. Finish: Satin Chrome.


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