New Color Pallette from Allied Brass

You might remember we had a little contest a few months back asking customers to vote for new colors for our brass hardware.

The ballots are in and we have 11 new colors to add to our existing lineup of metallic colors and matte colors. 

Colorful Brass Hardware With the Same Tough Finish Quality

Like our existing metallic and matte colors, these new colors stand up to moisture and are warrantied against peeling, fading, or scratches under normal use.

We admit we have a favorite color, and it's the Mediterranean Blue, closely followed by the Flat Troll Blue. 

(We did not name the lighter blue. We may need to ask about this with our colorizing partners at Prismatic Powders.) 


Pretty In Pink, and Lavender, and Spanish Gold

You don't have to be Andie Walsh to want your brass hardware in a pink finish like this toothbrush holder:

Pink vanity top brass toothbrush holder

Fun facts about Pretty in Pink: the movie originally ended with Andie getting together with Duckie. Preview audiences booed so John Hughes rewrote and re-filmed it with Andie and Blane. Molly Ringwald persuaded Hughes to cast Andrew McCarthy as Blane over his own preference, Charlie Sheen.

Getting back to hardware:

We were excited to see lavender make the cut, shown here in a bathroom tumbler holder from our Carolina Crystal collection.Lavender Carolina Crystal brass tumbler holder
We think is a perfect match with the glass crystal inlay in each piece. It's an eye-catching feature that's fun or elegant depending on the finish. Or both.

Carolina Crystal pieces with two or more anchors, like towel bars and wall-mounted mirrors, feature the inlays at every connection.

We also envision it as a wonderful complement to the Monte Carlo collection in particular, with its fleur-de-lis base design. 

Personally, we think these colors are great for hooks, especially our new retractable hooks we introduced just last month.

How about a bright fire engine red like this for our multi hook sets?

Fire Engine Red color swatch

They come in two-, three-, and six-hook sets.

This color is great for preschools, playrooms, and other places where you want kids to remember to hang things up.  

Allied Brass is expanding into global markets! Read about our work with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.

Spanish Gold color swatch

 Our new Spanish Gold color is an excellent addition to our palette. It's not quite a matte finish, but falls somewhere between the traditional, bright Polished Brass and softer Satin Brass finishes.

There are even more new finish selections to see! Click on any product you see on our website to view all our standard finish options.

Of course, we're still offering custom finishes as well for a modest, one-time fee that lets you use the color over and over again at no charge. Contact us with any questions you have about product finishes and design. 

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