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Bring on the Rings!

Bring on the Rings!

Here's the latest addition to our towel rings. It's from our latest collection, the Camo collection. Like our Pipeline collection, this is made from actual pipe and the ring itself is braided steel finished in matte white.

Towel rings are staples in many powder rooms and work pretty much anywhere - in kitchens (including office kitchens) to hold tea towels, office washrooms, and guest bathrooms.

We've always had fun designing towel rings, and now have 42 unique ones. In addition to the Camo ring, we introduced rings from our Carolina and Carolina Crystal collections in 2019:

Like all our brass products, rings come in 17 standard finishes. Only Carolina Crystal, though, has an embedded crystal glass detail.

Not All Rings are Round

Some of our towel rings are more square than round, like these from our Washington Square and Tribeca collections:

The Washington Square piece is shown with a polished chrome finish while Tribeca is in a handsome brushed bronze finish.

Trivia: Tribeca was so named because it's the "triangle below Canal Street." Some people still spell it TriBeCa. Washington Square of course, is where our alma mater NYU is located.

Rings Around the Ring!

Some of our towel rings can be further customized by ring style, such as the one from our Pacific Grove collection below in the satin brass finish. This one has a twisted ring design over the acrylic inlay.

The other ring styles are dotted, grooved, and smooth--no ring, just a smooth surface. An example of a dotted style is shown in this ring below from our Continenta collection, another squarish example of a towel ring shown in an antique pewter finish.

You can preview different ring styles where they are offered on our website.

Questions? Email us or call us at 540-967-5970 - we'd love to hear from you!

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