A Safer Way to Burn Incense

Lots of people like to burn incense sticks. We do, too, but we couldn't help notice that diffusers and incense holders can easily get knocked over. So we went to our drawing board.

The result: wall-mounted incense stick holders made from sturdy, 100% brass with removable safety glass containers. Metal screw-on tops hold incense sticks in place - no more spills, burns, or other hazards!

We added incense stick holders to six of our collections:

  • Montero (shown above)
  • Dottingham
  • Prestige Regal
  • Prestige Skyline
  • Que New
  • Waverly Place

Each holder is available in 17 different finishes including unlacquered brass that has no protective coating (left "raw") and darkens into the shade you prefer. The finish can be preserved with a clear lacquered coat or wax. It can also be polished back to another shade.

We can customize these holders to your specifications. We also offer custom color options for a small, one-time fee. And like all our products, our incense stick holders come with a limited lifetime warranty and free shipping throughout the U.S.

Brass & Glass Construction

We already love the look of brass and glass and incorporate it in a lot (and we mean a lot) of our shelves and other products including votive candle holders and toilet paper holders with glass shelves. So it was natural to combine them for incense holders.

Safely Holds Different Size Scent Sticks

Scent sticks come in different sizes, so we selected metal tops that accommodate about a half-dozen standard thin size sticks, or one of the thicker, longer-burning sticks.

We haven't seen other wall-mounted holders, which concerned us because incense is so attractive. We could easily imagine small, inquisitive hands getting accidentally burned.

Burning incense provides psychological and physical benefits. Many people use incense as an air freshener. Others find it helps with concentration and meditation. We've noticed that it clears out stuffy sinuses and relieves headaches. Here's an article on these and other benefits of burning incense.

Questions? Email us at sales@alliedbrass.com or give us a call at 540-967-5970