We agree with Huey Lewis: it's hip to be square! (Mom told us this for years.)

But it really rings true if you're looking for clean touches in your bathroom or powder room. Our Montero Collection features a straightforward look that complements many styles and adds an interesting stylistic touch.

Above are two popular Montero pieces: a wall-mounted incense stick holder in a polished brass finish, and a two-post toilet tissue holder in satin nickel.

It's All In the Square

The first thing most people notice about the Montero Collection are the square anchors. They speak to the solid design and craftsmanship behind each piece.

The square symbolizes stability. According to one design site, squares suggest honesty. Their perfect right angles suggest order and rationality. So a Montero design is a smart choice!

When you look at and hold these fixtures and you know there's no way they will fall apart! Still, all our products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Solid Looks Supported by Sturdy Materials

Our products are as solid as they look. We construct our accessories with high-quality solid brass, complemented with wood and strong safety glass for shelves like this one below.

Our brass is finished with a powder coating you select from 17 standard finishes to echo the mood set in the room: modern, country, coastal. Montero works well with many popular styles.

The wood we use in shelves like the one below comes from South America's Ipe hardwood tree. Also known as the Trumpet Tree, it's so hard it can bend nails and strong enough to use on decks and boardwalks.

This shelf, shown in a brushed bronze finish, includes an integrated towel bar underneath it. It's also available with a gallery rail.

Like all our products, you can customize a Montero design and even choose a unique color for a modest, one-time fee (in other words, you never have to pay extra to use that custom color again). We'd love to hear your ideas!

Questions? Email us at sales@alliedbrass.com or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.