Why Choose Brass? Because...

It's the dog days of August and honestly, it's really hot in the factory. So this week we thought we'd write a little bit about why we're such huge fans of brass and share some fun brass facts!

We'll start with a few of the reasons why we're brass fans:

  1. Brass us one tough alloy. Made from copper and zinc, brass stronger than copper alone because the alloy process always produces a harder product.
  2. This makes brass a very durable metal. Brass accessories like the toothbrush and tumbler holder like the one at top from our Carolina collection and the 2 swing arm towel bar from our Que New collection below it hold up with heavy use.
  3. Brass holds up against heat and moisture. This is why we can confidently provide a limited lifetime warranty on our products! It also won't rust under normal indoor conditions.

Fun Brass Facts!

(Well, to us)

Like Sheldon Cooper and flags, we love collecting facts about brass. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Brass instruments have been used since about 1500 BC, when they were first used to direct military movements.
  2. The zinc component in brass gives it strong antibacterial properties--one reason why so many healthcare facilities choose brass fixtures.
  3. The famous astronomer Tycho Brahe wore a prosthetic brass nose.
    Brahe, who identified the first supernova and created highly accurate astronomical tools before telescopes were created, lost his nose in a drunken fight with a cousin. They first argued over a woman and then about who was better in math. Being aristocrats, they always wore swords and Tycho's nose got in the way.
  4. Allied Brass has 36 unique accessory collections made from brass. A 37th features accessories made from pipe. We combine our brass with glass for shelves and scent sticks, and with acrylic and crystal glass accents: