New Accessories For The Bathroom And Powder Room!

We are so excited about our new accessories for bathrooms and powder rooms: walll-mounted incense holders and multi-roll toilet paper holders.

These incense holders are the only one's we've seen that mount to a wall. Everything else we've seen are freestanding. By mounting incense stick holders on the wall, we eliminate safety issues like accidental spills and burns.

We offer six incense holder styles in 17 different finishes including the one above from our Que collection in satin chrome.

As for multi-roll TP holders, we agree with Mom that you can never have too much TP. We already had dual holders and recently added 3 and even 5-roll holders. Above is a vertical 3-role holder from our Prestige Skyline collection in a brushed bronze finish and wood shelf.

Safely Freshen Rooms with Incense

We decided to create wall-mounted incense holders for two reasons: safety and typical bathroom real estate.

We design with an eye on safety, and it seemed to us that anything that burns is better off mounted to a wall rather than on a countertop where it can easily get knocked over.

Second, countertop space gets crowded pretty easily, particularly in bathrooms, where we've created other wall-mounted accessories to save space in bathrooms and kitchens.

Read more about our brass-and-glass designer incense stick holders.

You Can't Have Too Much TP...

We've already given our opinion on why we believe it's a smart idea to keep additional TP rolls handy.

Our new two- and three-roll TP holders come in horizontal or vertical styles to fit the space. They also come with glass or wood shelf options, which we highly recommend.

Where else would you put the crossword or sports section? More importantly, we know we aren't the only ones who had to call a plumber to retrieve a phone or glasses that fell in a bowl as it flushed.

Shelves are particularly useful in office restroom stalls, too, where readers and smartphones are most vulnerable to fall in and space to place a purse is always appreciated.

Questions? Email us at or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.