Landscaped wall-mounted tilt mirror with brass details and hardware

No bathroom or powder room can be considered complete without a mirror over the sink.

We offer several types of vanity mirrors:

All our mirrors are frameless and have beveled edges. They come in several shapes - round, oval, rectangular, arched, and landscape.

How do you decide which vanity mirror is right for you? Let's explore the options. Click on any image to go to the product page to see product details, including size and finish options.

First, Choose a Shape for the Vanity Mirror

Unless you have already decided on a style - tilt, ceiling-hung, or with rails - most people choose a mirror shape first. 

Large mirrors are best for larger bathrooms with plenty of wall space:
Frameless rectangular vanity mirror
Shadwell Collection. Finish: Antique Brass

That said, many large bathrooms have double sinks and some people prefer smaller, individual mirrors over sinks. As for shape, it helps to consider the overall bathroom decor.

Two rectangular or circle mirrors in a farmhouse-style bathroom might feel cozier than a single large mirror, which complements a bathroom with modern touches like stainless steel and glass-enclosed showers.

This beautiful arched shape creates intimacy in a smaller bathroom or powder room:

Frameless arched tilted mirror

 Prestige Monte Carlo Collection. Finish: Satin Brass

We've also read "when in doubt, choose round" for a vanity mirror. A rail mount complements the utilitarian look for this contemporary, compact vanity:

Brass rail mounted round beveled mirror

Prestige Que New. Finish: Venetian Bronze.

If you're looking for a mirror in a small bathroom or powder room with little wall space, an oval mirror can add elegance and feel less cramped.

Wall Mounted or Tilt Mirror?

All our mirrors are available in rail-mounted styles or as tilt mirrors. Preference for one or the other really depends on a few factors.

Tilt mirrors can be adjusted up or down. This is helpful for people who want to see themselves from different angles, especially if they're being filmed or photographed. 

Mirrors mounted on rails become an important part of room decor since the hardware is far more visible than on tilt mirrors. This oval mirror complements the classic skyline scene just outside the window by the vanity:

Brass rail mounted frameless round vanity mirror

 Prestige Skyline Collection. Finish: Antique Copper

Ceiling-Hung Mirrors Deliver a Dramatic Statement 

Brass ceiling hung mirror landscape orientation


Ceiling-hung mirrors really change up the game!

Ours hang from sturdy, 60" brass arms attached to the center of the mirror. The arms can be cut to adjust the hanging height.

These mirrors have the same design as our tilted wall-mounted mirrors, with beveled edges, no frame, and the same shapes and dimensions: 

  • Round - 22" X 22"
  • Oval - 29" X 21"
  • Rectangle - 21" X 26"
  • Arched - 29" X 21"
  • Landscape - 21" X 26"
Don't run around town looking for a vanity mirror. Take a look at our selection of brass mirrors and the wide range of styles and finishes we offer today!
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