We Color the Competition Surprised!

We don't mean to color the competition surprised. But we know they have been as we've steadily expanded the standard finishes we offer to our customers.

In 2022, we added 11 new colors - bright hues from across the spectrum - to our products. Take a look at what we've been offering the past few months!

We know that most other decorative hardware manufacturers and designers stick with a handful of finishes. We offer up to 29 standard finishes that range from metallics to bright colors to mattes.

We also offer an unfinished, or unlaquered, option for customers who like the idea of allowing brass to age into colorful dark green and blue patinas. This is how we colored the competition surprised.

color swatches

Contrast and Accent Colors Keep Your Decor in Style

If you follow decor trends, you've no doubt seen Colors of the Year. And while we applaud changes, we do understand that the majority of people aren't going to repaint every year. 

We can't think of a more economical way to keep decor looking up-to-date than adding stylish accessories and decorative hardware. We deliberately chose colors that provide great contrast to and accents for popular colors in recent years.

  • Paint manufacturers featured grays in 2021, a good color for adding contrasting touches
  • In 2022, many manufacturers highlighted blues and greens, which require accents rather than contrast

Contrast Colors for 2021's Gray Color Dominance 

Here are a few colors that accent well with 2021's grays. Click on any image to visit the product page and preview other finishes and options - like grooved ring details shown in the Euro-style TP holder from our Mercury Collection:

Finish: Autum Sparkle
Lavender is another great contrasting color for grays, shown in our vanity top guest towel holder below:

Colors to Accent 2022's Popular Paints

Greens were prominent in 2022, with blues coming in close behind. If you redecorate like lots of people did last year, you want a color that accents, rather than contrasts, bold colors like green and blue. 
Greens are actually easy to accent. Jacob Olesen, a renowned and very enthusiastic color expert, says there are 46 colors that go well with greens
One of our newest products is shown below - a reversible candle holder. This one is stacked to provide more height for a tapered candle, shown here in a Shaded Beige finish.
Wood tones like like these are wonderful accents for green surroundings. Many of our original metal finishes like Antique Copper and Brushed Bronze are also great choices. 
Depending on the green shade that dominates a room, it's very likely that other greens provide a nice accent as well, like this wall-mounted shaving/makeup mirror shown in a lovely teal. 
By the way, all our wall-mounted makeup mirrors are double-sided, have swivel arms and tilt  and extend 8" out from the wall. Select magnification from  2X-5X.
Rooms with blue walls are similar to their green cousins in that you can often choose another blue as an accent color. 
Here's a grab bar from our Pipeline Collection in a sleek Mediterranean Blue finish.
Go ahead and think visit our site to see hundreds of different products organized in dozens of collections. We're pretty sure you'll find many more standard color options than you'll see from our competition. 
Best of all, everything is designed and assembled right here in the USA, and shipping is free in all 50 states.
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