Sample of decorative brass hardware from Allied Brass

Are you feeling a little down after Christmas? A pretty brass accessory for the house can help you get over those post-holiday blues!

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Over the past couple of weeks, we've featured some great brass hardware we're pretty certain you need. Maybe you need to replace an old towel bar or need accessories to organize a kitchen or bathroom

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Stretch out those holiday savings! Here are some of our favorite brass accessories we're sure will add extra warmth to your home. 

Deck the Halls With Sticks of  Incense

With this crazy weather, it's chancy to open the windows to let in fresh air. Who knows what will blow in? Turn to incense instead to sweeten the air.

We like incense but not the ash residue. So we created an incense holder that we really think is superior to other ones we've seen. The one above is from our Prestige Skyline collection and finished with a matte black coating, one of 29 standard finishes we offer.

Our incense burner is created with safety in mind - it bolts to a wall where it's out of reach of curious little hands and the occasional reveler who's had a bit too much. It holds incense sticks and comes with a thick glass jar that lifts out of the ring.

You can see more styles for incense stick holders in our wider collection of wall-mounted accessories. And speaking of those...

Wall Mounted Votive Candle Holders Light the Way

We've mentioned how votive candle holders are wonderful accessories for bedrooms to create a soft, romantic light.

The candle holder above is from our Carolina Crystal collection and is shown here in a lavender finish - one of 11 new color finishes we introduced the second half of 2022. The crystal glass inlay adds extra charm and maybe a bit more light, too.

Bathrooms are one place where people enjoy candlelight. Our votive candle holders can be safely used as nightlights or to illuminate a private soak in the tub. 

Carolina collection, Venetian Bronze finish

Yes, You May Use the Guest Towel Tray

We always hesitate to use the word "guest" for our accessories because we believe everyone should enjoy them. But we recognize industry naming standards, so we offer several types of "guest towel holders."

Our beautiful brass and glass guest towel trays really bring out the sophistication factor to any bathroom or powder room. And yet, they're tough enough to be used in your own bathroom, day after day. And they can be used to store a few extra hand towels without taking up space somewhere else.

This is from our Monte Carlo collection. The finish is antique pewter, which sets off this collection's lovely flier-de-lis pattern featured on the backplate.

We also have vanity top styles like this one, shown with a shiny polished chrome finish:

You'll have to take down the holiday decorations at some point. Some do it right after New Years, while others wait til after Twelfth Night.

The house might feel a little bare ... fix it today with  post-holiday cheer from Allied Brass and get 40% off, too!