Use Color To Accent Brass Accessories

You already know that brass is a versatile metal and (in our humble opinion) the best one for bathroom accessories because it's resistant to water and steam.

And while we LOVE the look of polished nickel, shown on the two-tiered glass corner shelf above at right, we're also quite fond of the brushed bronze finish shown on the cabinet knob at left.

That knob, by the way, has a dotted ring detail on it, one of four we offer. The other styles are grooved, twisted, and smooth. Click on the picture and to see how it looks with the other designs and finishes we offer.

17 Finishes & Endless Colors!

We offer 17 different finishes for our brass accessories including matte black, white, and gray.

But why stop there? We offer thousands of color options through our partner Prismatic Powders, who use an ultra-tough powdered coating that that won't rip, fade, or peel. 

Even better – pick a color for a modest fee, and you'll never have to pay for that color again for your Allied Brass accessories.

Colorizing Bathroom Accessories

Brass is versatile as well as beautiful. It's highly resistant to bacteria, which is why a lot of health and medical centers put brass fixtures and accessories in their bathrooms and restrooms.

With this in mind, why not further add a splash of color to brass accessories? They are perfect for underscoring color accents in a bathroom, kitchen, powder room – anywhere you recommend brass accessories to your clients.

Here are other reasons to suggest a color option:

  • Keep kids from mixing up their belongings. We used to assign colors to our kids to make sure no one took the wrong backpack, umbrella, etc. Add custom colors to hooks used in mudrooms, entryways, and shared bathrooms.
  • Add an unexpected splash of fun! Make important restroom or powder room accessories like soap dishes and dispensers stand out to "remind" employees and guests to wash their hands.
  • Brighten up an otherwise dull spot. Things like toilet paper and paper towel holders are usually placed in universal settings (by the toilet, near the sink). How about a nice apple spice color like this to show off an attractive sturdy brass paper towel holder?

The next time you have a conversation with a client about accessorizing a room, suggest brass with color to liven it up a bit!

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