Standing And Delivering!

It's the first thing a lot of people look for when they enter a powder room in someone else's home – the toilet tissue.

Usually, it's placed on a holder fixed to a wall. Some are sunk into walls.

Then there's a pleasant surprise to see an attractive, standing toilet tissue holder. Some of them are so stylish they add to the room's decor like a sculpture or other piece of art.

  • The European style holder above left has nice curves and a little bubble crown atop. It's shown in an antique brass finish.
  • The double-holder above right makes doubly sure there's enough toilet paper even during a busy holiday party! It's shown in a brushed bronze finish. We offer another double-holder with a European-style base.

Here are two new standing toilet paper holders from our Remi collection shown in polished brass and satin chrome finishes.

Free Standing Holders Preserve Walls

One thing we really like about free standing holders is that there's no need to drill holes or create indentations into a wall. They go wherever it's convenient for the commode.

This can be a real plus in powder rooms, which tend to be small and not have a lot of space between the commode and the nearest wall, particularly in older homes. Afree standing toilet tissue holder is easy to move around.

As some of us have experienced, not all walls are created equal. Over time, even modest weight can weaken drywall and before you know it, something that was once anchored has fallen down, taking down part of the wall with it.

Easier Replacement for Toilet Tissue

Our designer clients tell use their own clients like how easy it is to replace toilet tissue on these holders. Even their little kids can take on this household chore, especially since the sturdy base keeps the holder from topping over.

Some of our holders swivel at the top, allowing adjustment up or down. And of course, you can customize your selection for a modest fee.

Solid Brass Construction in 17 Standard Colors

All our standing toilet tissue holders are created from solid brass and come with a lifetime guarantee. Even the detachable roll holders seen in some models are brass and come in the same color you select from our standard 17.

And if you want a custom color, no problem! Call us and we can help you select the right one from literally thousands of choices, for a small fee.

Questions? Email us at or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.